It is time to discipline the undisciplined.

  1. Only one coffee in the morning.
  2. Wake up when the alarm goes off
  3. Go to work before or at least by 8:30am (tough one)
  4. Do not browse personal mails (for gap filling) at work (toughie) even at lunch time.
  5. Write more, but write sensibly (later part is a real toughie)

Let us stop there and see how it goes.

Five best compliments I have ever received

I am tagging myself from Shyam.

1. An online friend’s once commented, “you are prettier than Aishwarya Rai, who looks fake and Italian, whereas you are ravishing and very Tamil”! ¬†People, don’t come running to hit me. He (it is a He), did say this. I wish I could link it here (for evidence of course).

2. “Your photos don’t justify your looks. you are beautiful”! again by an online friend, but when meeting me in person! again a he! ūüėČ

3. (ok, enough with looks and beauty and self appreciations..errr… isn’t this entire post all about self appreciation to the peak? so, here we go again,) “you are an asset to any organisation” by a tough ex boss after me handing in when she badly needed me in the job.

4. “one should be lucky and feel blessed to have a daughter like me. none of you deserve me” – me, in a (not very long ago) fight with chithi. her reply, “very true”!!!

5. last but not least, ” you are a sensible, rational and a better mother than most mothers I know” by a friend.

6. ….. can I have a sixth one? I take many words in this post as compliments and among the best ones, though they may not sound so (look so, technically speaking)¬†to a naked eye.

take up this tag people to make your day.


Have you ever felt disappointed when you first met a person whom you have only known online but for a while? I have always felt disappointed whenever I came to face to face with my online friends. I don’t know why. It is not that I expected them to be beautiful or handsome. In fact one was prettier than I had imagined but still I was disappointed. I guess it brings one chapter to an end by crushing the blank face into unrecognisable pieces and filling it with some strange unfamiliar features, forcing it and demanding an acceptance on a known name, which makes the disappointment not just a¬†disappointment¬†but also a sad one. I recently had such a disappointment with a blogger friend (a Tamil blogger). I haven’t met this person in person yet, but happen to see a photo on FB and was sad. I do not know what others have thought of me after meeting me in person or after seeing my photo. Balan has always told me that others might find it disappointing to see me having such a childish voice and innocence tainted accent (Madurai accent), while they would expect me to be strong and authoritative. What did you think of me when you first met me in person, if you have met me in person? And, what was your experience with your online friends when putting faces to their names?

Careful what you wish for

A couple of years ago I wished for few things. #3 has come true finally. what about the other wishes? Once a cousin of mine said that “you¬†may get whatever you wish for, but there will be a price” Such a profound thought!¬†

this time,

1. I want that job I have lost.

five posts tag

The rules are – Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given (family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like). Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

Family: the whole blog is about my family. I pick the following two posts to give an idea about what family means to me. 1. Leaving home and 2. Coming home.

Friends: I do not have a best friend for life. I had one during school days whose name or story has not been mentioned so far in any of my kombai stories. Here is a story about my play friends and here is another story about our adventures.

About me: Blogging in principle is about “me”. I have more than four blogs, which tells about “me” I think. ūüôā¬†I pick The princess’s story¬†for the true blue “me” kind.

Love: I do not know what love is.  I have always been cynical about it. This post tells how love springs differently for different people.

Anything I like: It will have to be from my pangunip pongal series. I link the last two, you can dig for the others if you want to read the full story. 1. Latha’a maavilakku day ¬†and 2. Senthil’s maavilakku day.

I tag Michelle, Vidhya, Desigirl,  Anitha, PlanetHalder and IBH

Momma has the magic touch

I am still not used to the word “amma (mother)”, referring me. Sometimes I tell her that I am her akka (elder sister), as that is the word I am used to being referred. (I am akka for all my brother’s friends too, so I am quite used to that reference). When she cries, I tell her,”wait akka is coming”, then I have to correct myself and stop and blink for a minute to realise that I am her amma!!

Still I could calm her down in her half sleep but in her cranky crying mood by just holding her hands and stroking on her forehead. Wow. First time I felt the magical moment.

What about Kuttima (litlegirl) for her blog name, because that is what I call her most of the time. other names are, ammakkutti, illaakkutti. Her crying sound (ungaa) sounds like amma or illaa to me, so I call her ammakkutti and illaakkutti.

*ammakkutti and illakkutti do not have meaning. kutti in general means little.
*ungaa is baby crying sound

Mr and Mrs

Following Planethalder, here I present Mr. and Mrs.. scan0003scan0002_me

I couldn’t find any decently preserved baby picture of either of us. I must have been 4to5 years old in¬†pic2 . I don’t know how old Balan was in pic1.

I tag Michelle, Desigirl, Anitha, SilentOne, Jay, Sudha,¬†Vidya, IBH,¬†Boo,¬†and anyone who would like to take up this tag. Post your, and if you have partner, your partner’s, baby picutre(s).
@Jay, Sudha – I know you guys do not have partners yet, well, not to my knowledge. So just your pictures will do. You are welcome to post your partner’s picture too. ūüėČ ūüėÄ

edted to correct: My mother says that I was 2 and 3/4 years old in that photo.

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