A (couple of) growing up scene(s)!

“Daddy, I have something to show you. I going to get it from my bag”

“I think I have put it in the bin. Muffin, What are you looking for?”

“My bag, mummy”.

“What in the bag, Muffin?”

“The wing I made and the stream picture I drew”

“They are in the recycling bin, Muffin. Go and get them from there”.

“It is not supposed to be in here mummy!. And there is my certificate! Mummy, never ever put my certificate in the bin”!


“blah blah blah blah ……………………. is that clear?”

No, it was not Muffin!

The musical us

Picked up a proper keyboard from somebody’s “free to go” outside the house. found a power lead in my big box of such leads and cables. after a few fiddling with disappointed (heartbroken) face (both mummy and the girl), the keys pressed and made some nice musical sound! excited (mummy and the girl) went on and pressed all sorts of keys making all sorts of sounds/noise. Now we need someone to teach us the basic things! internet thinks that everyone knows where to press to get what! we don’t! someone please tell us which key to press to get what noise/sound. All we want to play is twinkle twinkle little star!

Mommy strike

Don’t I love her! Start from the first post and read further on. A mom after my heart. I heart her!


Change is life

And, I have changed jobs. I am back with the family now. All those mothers who were building temples for the father of the kids for doing the things that *I* should have done, can take a deeep breath now. I am back. And you can enjoy that relieving cup of tea with a happy smile on your face for all the punishments you all wanted to pour down on me that I am now working and juggling (and driving to work… 😦  ).. Well, mmmm, not quite yet. The husband is still at home looking after everything 😉 . Ah! I know. the thing that has helped me to get me back onto that job track. yep. that thing. that husband staying at home thing and looking after the children thing. not going to last for long though. You all can take another sip of that tea,  in a truly relieving sense that he IS going back to work now that I am back home. hmmm. good things don’t last for ever, as they say!

So, I have changed jobs. Changed roles (well, not so much). Changed places. Change gives me high. And, is it a surprise that I am a “Change agent” by profession now 😉 ?  Give me a call if you want to gain from my experience. I love sharing experiences. 😉


I have never touched a harry potter book and never knew anything about the movies either. I would have avoided lord of the rings (had to think for few minutes to remember the name. It is not the movie’s fault, i have to think for few minutes to get my memory right for many things these days, blame it on the kids, i say), but a friend (you know who, if you are reading this) forced down my throat one day. I must admit it was not bad. And I must admit that I quite enjoyed watching all three of them. But I still stand by my opinion on the kidadults who read harry potter books.

I never ever ever thought I may like kidadult thingys. But now I do, well, not the harry potter yet,, but i do not know whether the ones i like are any better than harry potter, because I just do not know anything about harry potter. Here  is my confession. Now I am an ardent fan of Gruffalo, Gruffalo’s child, 3rd & Bird, Timmy time, and Charlie and Lola. I even plan to go to the play of Gruffalo when they do it next time in our town! there! I have said it!

Discrimination is discrimination

Aaron gets less attention from Balan. Would Balan have done like this without feeling guilty if our first child was a boy and the second was a girl? or even both were girls? Discrimination is discrimination, I say.

I first felt how it is like to be on the other side of the fence when I was in the postnatal ward that mothers of girls were immediately forming a gang and I was not let in. They were all awwing and cooing at their babies and I was all my little boy had, and poor him that I was more into doing things more efficiently and catching up with my sleep (not to mention the morphine aided drowsy me for one complete day, when he needed me the most) than awwing and cooing at him. It is the same story in the weighing clinic. They talk to me all right but the baby in blue clothes doesn’t get all the awws and coos. Poor him being a tiny boy, the only comment he gets is, “oh he is tiny” in a whispering tone. Also, not just in the postnatal ward but even now when I reply to the question “what did you have”, as “a boy”, then they immediately look at me as if i am such a failure that I immediately have to defend myself by telling them that I have got a girl already. Then I get a reply “oh its alright then”…. and then they say, “how wonderful to have one in each. you have done well”… Actually I didn’t do anything to make it that way anymore than mothers of girls who get a discriminative treatment in India and in indian society here. Discrimination is discrimination, I say.

I have seen mothers of two girls immediately bonding too. Do mothers of two boys feel the same too? But, mothers of one in each do not feel any bonding. I mean, I am not in any such special group.
What did we do? whats our fault? I would like to know, please.

And….. your life starts NOW!

So, Aaron is seven weeks old. Still tiny. slowly and steadily gaining weight. Smiling when asked! yes, he smiles when asked and only when asked!
And, Avni is all smart and talking too much. but not responding to requests such as bring me this please or give this to that person please etc. She is a week short of 2 yrs and 2 months old.
And, I am out and about, but not the doing strolls in the park with the baby or going to the park with toddler and baby for a play time, but seriously doing some serious business such as driving to the weighing clinic! Having my diary filled with appointments everyday makes me feel good.
So, I got out today, drove off, went to the weighing clinic… mmmm…… fell over on the pavement trying to be quicker than the other woman to be the first in the que….luckily saved the kid by dropping the car seat before falling over….

well, back home in one piece, i mean we both (Aaron and I) separately in single pieces. Back home before feed time. fed him. very ready before Avni came back from school. fed her. changed nappies. ate my lunch.. took out some baby toys that were in the storage. a load of ironing to be done but doing this post instead. I call it a successful day.

Hope to have no more late mornings. I mean, I intend to get out of bed at least by 7am ..mmm.. or 7:30am instead of after 8:30am I have been getting up these days. Intend to have a proper morning routine.

Let us see how it goes. having it written down on a blog like this will definitely make me stick to my words. I hope it does.

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