A very pleased mummy!

Edited to add: I just assumed that providing the above link speaks for itself but then I realised that may be I should mention it as well. Please (please) check out the link given above. Avni clicking picture using a grown-up’s (a very grown up’s) camera has come on BBC’s website.

Avni took this picture of me and Aaron which I am using as my current FB profile picture! My grin in that picture reflects my mood. As a famous man sang in one of his famous movies, இன்னுங்கூட கிழியும் காது தடுக்கும்! 😀

Autumn 2007


Unlike the usual one-week-autumn with a weekend or an over night heavy wind leaving the trees bare, this year’s autumn has been slow and delightful to the eyes. As I do not have to worry about the delayed trains due to leaf falling this year, I can enjoy the leaves on the roads even more.