A (couple of) growing up scene(s)!

“Daddy, I have something to show you. I going to get it from my bag”

“I think I have put it in the bin. Muffin, What are you looking for?”

“My bag, mummy”.

“What in the bag, Muffin?”

“The wing I made and the stream picture I drew”

“They are in the recycling bin, Muffin. Go and get them from there”.

“It is not supposed to be in here mummy!. And there is my certificate! Mummy, never ever put my certificate in the bin”!


“blah blah blah blah ……………………. is that clear?”

No, it was not Muffin!

To those fans

I posted this on my FB wall. Then I realised that I do not have those hardcore fans in my FB list anymore. So, this is especially for your attention ;-)!

Doesn’t he look like my son, Timmy? 😉


What makes the tyger a tyger and the lamb a lamb?

The Mentalist, for me, has been an interesting TV series for a few different reasons. It’s main concept, or the clue for the moment, is that it is the same creator who created the Lamb, also created the tiger.

Before Kids (BK), I strongly believed that the nurture plays a major role than the nature as I have seen how different siblings can be. Probably their genetic make up also differed to some extent although they came from the same creators. Some of the characteristics I have seen that made the siblings so different from each other were how they were raised, what they were taught as values and what they were taught as superior/inferior things … blah blah blah… I started to reevaluate my opinion on this after having kids (AK), as the children showed so much of the passed-down-through-the-genes matters. Muffin and Timmy differ in their genetic make up too and that is so visible. Timmy takes after my family side and Muffin takes after her dad’s family side. But, now that my own sibling is here with me, my old opinion (that nurture overtakes the nature) has come back strong as I see him often. What we value are so different. What we believe in are so different. We sometime like the same things, one of which interestingly is “The Mentalist”! Then we start to differ in our opinion on which character is what and what is right and what is not and blah blah blah….

Coming back to the William Blake’s poem and to my question, what makes the tyger a tyger and the lamb a lamb? The values, I think. Where in the brain it gets stored is science. How it is made to get stored is nurture, imo. That brings my theory back that nurture can make a tiger or a lamb out of anyone. I have seen people who have shown absolutely no empathy for others. So self centered and cannot think about anyone but themselves. It is the morality engine that has made them who they are.  It is the nurture. So, that shifts the blame to the parent and parent and parent and so on. Does it stop? It doesn’t if the next generation is raised with the same values their parents raised, which made them who they are. It can be stopped by people who can take their head above the water and look. That is all we need for feminism too. Complicated and yet simple.

uneventful and a no picture holiday

This year our holiday was not very eventful. mostly in and around the resort. We didn’t even take pictures. I am glad it didn’t flood in our area, the uneventfullness of which, I am grateful for.

On the other note, children are growing up far too faster. The girl makes the boy do her leg work (she asks him to go and get milk for her after finishing her first round of milk at bed time. Both are lying down tucked inside the quilt. She asks him to get up and “go go goooooo” and that poor little boy comes to kitchen holding her beaker asking for milk for Muffin, “she wants milk!”)! She is that grown up and a meanie already. She also bullies him by saying, “I am the winner. I got into the car first!. See, girls are stronger. look I am bigger and you are smaller. I am strong and you are like a baby!” The boy is really annoyed at that. I swear that no contribution is from me. Nope, none at all.  I wasn’t even there to witness this. I came to know only when reported over phone to me. On the other hand, the boy admiring his sis’s new dress, said “mummy, Muffin is pretty, like a ballerina. Now she is going to get stuck in the tower. I am like a prince”, I intervened, “no, you cannot rescue her”, which promptly upset him! (as you can see, I was very much present for this).

And a final note on this post is on me eating my words, as they say in Tamil , தல குப்புற கீழ விழுந்து மண்ணைக் கவ்வுறது. Our house is a proper pink and blue house. “Pink is my favourite colour” declared by the girl. The boy followed pink for a while, moved on to purple for the want of having one colour identified for himself, and then has found blue! (one day Muffin refused to let him touch her favourite Leesha doll. Timmy thought it was because the Leesha is a pink doll. So he declared that he will buy a blue Leesha from the shop! and even decided to buy a blue toilet seat for himself. (yes, the toilet seat at home is pink  and is used for them both) Now for the reader’s information-sake, the Leesha doll was a free doll that came with a bottle of fabric conditioner!). Now Blue is his favourite colour, he has declared. A practical help in having pink and blue divide is that the pink army does not touch the blue army and the blue army understands the pink is not theirs. Problem solved for the parent. Yes, கீழ விழுந்தாலும் மீசைல மண்ணு ஒட்டல is what, you, many of you, would say at me. I turn anything to my advantage is what I would say 😉 ! 🙂

one now

When the first one turned one it was all about me surviving one year of motherhood and I was still in shock that the child in my life was not just a concept any more but a real one. This time around, yes, there is some shock that I am a mother of two, and yes it is time to celebrate my surviving last year with an infant and a toddler but I am kind of getting used to it now, which is a good news. Surprisingly all those small milestones and developments still amaze me and I still enjoy those little moments. I thought that similarities would bore me, but it is differences that bored me and similarities, though very few, surprise me. Stereotypical gender differences, surprise me too. I can accept all his boyishness but won’t tolerate him looking down on my girl (saying “girly stuff” etc.). I like him for his resemblance to my brother. It brings back my childhood memories and my childhood affection for a similar face.  He is walking around very comfortably already. Already showing attitude! Doesn’t look for appreciation for his every action/achievements, which is admirable.  I can go on and on..

Happy birthday Kuttippaiya, Happy birthday.  You are one year old today.

Mottai and other milestones

I let this happen to my kids. Their heads are shaved and ears are pierced now.

Timmy walks a few steps on his own. Stands without support for a few minutes very comfortably.  Says dadhi. don’t know whether he is trying to imitate his sister saying daddy or thambi.

Timmy is ten months and 25 days old.

Milstones update

The boy crawls all over the house. moves around holding on to sofa and stuff. He climbed on stairs on last Saturday. He also waved bye bye last Saturday. I was chuffed. Today he was trying to feed me through the back of a tumbler. He communicates very well, though not as chatty as his sister. Since we have compared a little here, I must compare another thing that the boy laughs a lot whereas it was a task making his sis smile, especially for the photos, especially if it was in a studio.

With Muffin, we are at this stage with other moms who write about funny moments with their growing up kids. Here is one from our household.

Early  morning. We (muffin and I) had to get ready to go to school. Muffin was in her room. I was standing (and doing something of course) just outside the bathroom. I saw muffin coming out of her room. I thought that it was a good opportunity to lure her to brush her teeth. So, I said, “good girl, Muffin”. She ran to another room shouting “oh no!”. Then I heard her saying, “phew, that was close”!


Timmy is eight months and 19 days old. Muffin is 2 years 8 months and 22 days old.

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