I believe in Santa

Once there was a dinosaur family with a Daddy dinosaur, mummy dinosaur, Aani dinosaur, and dadda dinosaur.  Dadda dinosaur was a very good boy. Dadda dinosaur wants to sleep. Dadda dinosaur wants to close his eyes. Dadda dinosaur drinks milk. Dadda dinosaur wants to sleep…. (after a failed attempt to to get him drink his milk or sleep by repeating the same sentences a few times, I decided to expand the story wishfully believing in “child psychology” and all, I continued..-), Dadda dinosaur ate lots and lots… “chocchoc” a little voice quickly jumped in before anything else was given to the dadda dinosaur for food. I controlled my laughter in order to maintain the “calmness” of the bedtime scene. Dadda dinosaur eventually grabbed the milk when I got back to repeating the sentences in an attempt to achieve my immediate goals! And, the end.

“We buy chocchoc mummy”, I was reminded of the shopping list only a million times just that night alone every time we stirred up.

Parcels from a friend who visited us last week for some mysterious reasons waited under the tree for the kids to open. The mean parents who didn’t believe in Santa didn’t get any present for the kids. we the family of four dinosours opened the only two parcels lying under the beautifully decorated big Christmas tree (also got from a kind freecycler lady). And the Dadda dinosaur got chocchoc!

I honestly believe in Santa now!

And following are the other gifts from Santa:

  • We are invited for Christmas lunch by our neighbour.
  • Muffin got a deal to learn Piano from our lovely neighbour.