The running girl

Whaddayaknow! I run now! Well, not quite, but I am well out of, you know the “V word” for running! Week3, day 1 completed! And the app I am using uses (looks like) the “200yards and 400 yards” instead of minutes, (see the program for Week3Day1), it brought me home early and I covered less distance than I normally cover! Confused? I cover more distance than what is expected at this stage! Whooohooooo! And, it was raining today, and I was still out and running!

But just one teenyweeny thing is that I still do not enjoy running. I do it like a chore! It is hard to get out of the house every time! I so look forward to the “start walking” voice, when running! I so look at the reference points to complete and come back home! 😦


C25K – Day3


At 8am running today.

break, already!

down with flu. Could still do running, but there are too many things on plate now. As they say in Kanban, I must limit the WIP (work in progress) in order to match with the velocity 😉

C25K – Day2


This was at 2pm running today.


C25K – Day1

IMG_1374Who would have thought!

I do not aim to become a proper runner, if I do, that is a bonus. I do not aim to lose weight, if I do, that would be a bonus too. I just want to break the fence I have with physical fitness/running. Nothing else. Note, I do not call it a barrier. I do not fear running/working_out. I just don’t really …. into  I don’t dislike either. I am just not into it. I want to break that fence now. That is all.

This was just at the dawn running today. I don’t have a partner. Otherwise, I would explore much more scenic route.