life of a COW 2 – Sunday gone on self help and such

So, I was applying nail polish while my husband was cleaning the bathroom. Sure, such a win for feminism and for those who term the likes of me as “militant feminists” and those who claim why feminism is bad for the world and for those feminists who say, “I am not that kind of feminist” and those who say, “you see, we need menism against these women now” and all that…. After all those smirks on your face that you have caught me, would you have thought there was anything wrong in the following scene: I am cooking in the kitchen, my husband was shaving in the bathroom..?

Yeah, you need your “views” re-evaluated. You can wipe off that embarrassment along with your long gone smirk on your face.

I am watching TED talk by Sheryl Sandberg and going to watch Amy Cuddy’s “your body language shapes who you are”, as I need to ground a few men in their chairs and get them listen to me without me having to sound bossy, or having to wear a low neck.

Have I cooked for my children and did I feed them? Didn’t you know that I have given them up to an orphanage a long time ago? you didn’t? you thought I am still raising them? you are joking!

Life of a COW 1 – let it slip

Not very happy about it that I let it slip from the lifestyle I wanted to achieve. Didn’t go for running. Not a big deal. Didn’t go for swimming. Not a big deal. But it was the lifestyle I thought I could manage. Get up, go for running, get ready to work, work all day, come back, put kids to bed, go for swimming…. yeah right!

I let myself indulge in watching one episode of my favourite mentalist.

That is all for now.

upcoming series

I have been thinking about writing  a series on “notes from the life of a COW (Career Oriented Woman)” (Copyright mine!). I do not have as many readers as I had in the past, not that there were too many in the past, but even those have moved on. Don’t see the point of writing anything on this blog. But I always wrote for myself, sometimes as my record, sometimes when I wanted to vent out, sometimes when I wanted to share … So, notes from a COW may be just a record for now, which I might find boring myself or may not find time to write (which is the point of this COW series!).. Let us see!