Bluebells everywhere. I love the colours the country offers at this time of the year.

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Let it snow

DSCN6145 We missed Avni’s and my mother’s first snow. My mother was all excited and scared at the same time to go out last time. The snow disappeared in few hours. She realised that she has to take the plunge when it snowed again that she was rushing us to get ready soon. She was very pleased when it snowed again when we were out taking pictures.
..Avni and I were sitting in the car while Balan took pictures for my mom. We came out just for the photo session. As it was snowing and windy we couldn’t move too far. There was a snowman not too far from our car. My mom got to take pictures with the snowman. But for Avni, snowman had to just stay in the background.

 (Avni is sitting on my lap facing the monitor as I type this post. She is all excited about the monitor and she wants to grab it. 🙂 )


Avni is 3 months and three days old. thirteen weeks and three days old.

Perfect, almost

It snowed yesterday. First snow. Not much, but good enough to cheer me up. It was a perfect night in. Grilled Salmon with black pepper, snow and rain through the window, Babel and ambient light. It was going perfect until Babel finished. First time I I realised the importance of having a clear plot line as a must. Good movie making, good actors, good acting, everything good, except… I failed to see the point of the movie. ya, ya, seemingly random people but all connected. So? 😦 (But I liked many other aspects and how lives of people portrayed in the movie etc etc.)

It snowed. First snow. Not much, but good enough to cheer me up.

Autumn 2007


Unlike the usual one-week-autumn with a weekend or an over night heavy wind leaving the trees bare, this year’s autumn has been slow and delightful to the eyes. As I do not have to worry about the delayed trains due to leaf falling this year, I can enjoy the leaves on the roads even more.