Diwali plans. Plan B – Camping this time

Diwali plans.  Anyone interested is welcome to join us.

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Let us come to plan B.  

How about a trip to the skandavale temple?  There are some basic accommodation facility at the temple but we have to  inform them well in advance if we go as a group.  Otherwise we can stay nearby at some farm house(it may have 4 to 5 bedrooms).  Temple is approximately 3-4 hours journey from London and situated near Carmarthen(Wales) . 

The one disadvantage is the transportation.  If you got a car it won’t be problem as the public transportation is not that brilliant(as for as I know). But still as many of us will have spare space in our car I am sure we can organise something. This is the events calender and please have a look at it and throw your ideas regarding the suitable date.
http://www.skandava le.org/06calenda r_.htm

Apart from this plan B, If you got any other ideas pleas let us know.



Hi All,

developing Balan’s idea on Plan B further, we would like to clarify this is not a theertha yaathra kind of thing. It more of a Camping together event.
The idea is a 1.5 days event. (Saturday/Sunday) camping in a cottage / farm house with a nights stay and have partying fun. It could be that Men could do all the cooking for the day with fun ideas. If possible we can have camp fire in the evening with our usual games. People have always felt the need for more time in our previous get togethers and this could be a different weekend getting away from our usual boring routine. We are aware that UKMakkal is community with people from different religions. Wales Skandavel temple is just optional part in this for those interested to make it there on a convienient slot. So if you are not too keen on the temple idea dont get deterred by that. Ideas are welcome to make it more merrier.

As Balan rightly mentioned like other get togethers there needs to be some planning going in for this event too. But the responsibilities will be shared. Only the common expenses like shared accomodation will be shared. Other preparations will be up to the individual. We can refine this as we go along.

But what we need to know now is how many people would be interested in this idea. If you have any suggestions for an alternative location too you are welcome to share that. Balan was recommending Wales as this particular location is on a hill and is  picturesque  and would be nice for such camping.

We did speak of this idea in our last get Hemel together and many people were interested.
 So please speak now if you are interested. There are some families interested in this idea including myself and we may still proceed if this numbers are not that great.(there is no minimum numbers for this camping)  But we want to consult everyone interested to arrive on the dates etc etc. As Balan rightly mentioned even if you dont have car, there is a possibility that you can share the car space with rest of us.




Well said Renga, If our regular plan doesn’t work out this(plan B) looks even better than the original  as there will be a considerable amount of responsibility to be shared by most of the participants and this will totally be a more exciting and a different get together than just meeting new people.

You can add two from my side and I got a car which an accomodate 3 more people. Any one from harrow area if interested to join us could expect a pick up and drop off service as well.




Balaji S Rajan 


Yes.. this seems to be a good idea. Naanga ready neenga ready..ah… lift kudukka. Baskar thanks for offering lifts. Renga consider lift for one ticket either my Mom or Akash. I shall see  someone else for other 2 + 2.

Seri …. come to a plan quickly. We are eagerly waiting for other events.

Skandavale Murugannukku …  Arogara.


Balaji S