Solids so far – 2

With my baby turning half an year old in four days, I have started feeling ………..¬†really old, well, finally ūüėČ

I just want to record the tastes she has been introduced to so that I can add other tastes in her food too to make her a less fussy eater. A mother can hope, can’t she?

First few weeks: (copied from old post)

    1. Baby rice
    2. Potato
    3. Banana
    4. Banana + baby rice
    5. Pears + baby rice
    6. Carrot + baby rice

Favourite – banana
not so favourite – carrot. I guess this disproves the theory that babies like what mothers ate during their preggy days.


  1. Apple puree + baby rice
  2. Mango (ripe) – hot favourite
  3. Sweet potato – resulted in firmer poo so I gave mango again
  4. Mango – poo continued to be firmer
  5. Sweet potato (again introduced to see if the poo situation continues or clears or gets worse. It didn’t clear)
  6. pears – to help with poo situation
  7. cauliflower & cheese by cow & Gate
  8. Carrot Рre introduced to make her like the taste. nope Avni rejected it again. 
  9. fruit cocktail by Cow & Gate
  10. Sweet potato bake by Cow & Gate plus pears.
  11. baby rice and pears
  12. Sweet corn and Carrot – some separate and some mixed
  13. pears and pears water – this cleared the poo situation finally
  14. creamy rice breakfast by Hipp Organic
  15. Vegetable and Chicken casserole by Heinz – some shouting and jumping out of joy were shown. Avni started crying out of impatience when the portion was finished. but she was fine with milk after that I am assuming it was just hunger.

Avni is four days to six months old or 25 weeks and 3 days old