Prenatal depression

In my experience prenatal depression happens when things don’t go as per plan. I went depressed now and then, could be due to one or more of the following reasons.

1. House is not clean and tidy
2. Should have got this done by now, but no one (read Balan) seems to think it is important to get this done before this time. eg. packing hospital bag and setting up nursery well in advance so that we can get to know what else is still needed. Getting self (read Balan again) to a routine so that one manages to find plenty of free time, which gives a hope that there is space for the newcomer. After few fights and tears, bag is packed now and the nursery is almost set up. Getting the said person to a routine is not achieved yet and doesn’t seem achievable either. Instead it has been nothing but a disaster that we ended up adding some more backlog to the pile every time and I managed to make the said person feel incapable of anything and everything.
3. Not so perfect pregnancy reminded by the perfect pregnancy women and their children showing their parental expertise, scaring me and sending me to a serious dilemma on whether to continue this social relationship or not, every time, every single time. Though insignificant and probably did not contribute at all to my depression, but did consume some time and arguments between us, which ended in sending me to annoyed mood.
4. While physical inability crippling me, time in hand driving me crazy.
5. Unable to concentrate on reading or writing or even watching a movie.
6. Presence of my mother bringing all the bitter sweet memories back from Kombai. Thank God that my father has left.

Anyway, doing fine now. In fact I am even preparing myself for normal delivery after the regular contraction scare I had yesterday.

37 weeks, 5 days. (officiallly according to the dating scan, 38 weeks finished and 39th week started today)