what is the fuss?

I posted something on FB and I thought it can be shown to a wider readership. I cannot post others comments, so I am posting just mine. Here we go.

women fuss over men. yuck! have some self respect woman! you are dragging yourself beneath lower and lower. yuck!

Feeling queasy actually ūüė¶

It makes me feel queasy whenever I see a woman fall beneath in her own eyes when she forgets to respect herself but fusses over a man who doesn’t respect her enough to stop her from doing it, but accepts the advantages of fussing. Which is a disrespect towards the woman herself. So, she falls beneath and beneath and it is nauseating. Why a woman would chose to live a lower life like that?


I don’t understand

The husband welcomes us. Gets us seated and gets on with¬†some¬†customary conversation and then some. The husband goes inside leaving us in the lounge. Then the wife comes.¬†¬†Welcomes us. Some conversation follows. The husband comes back. Asks wife, “Did you offer them anything to drink?” abruptly stopping us in the middle of a conversation. The wife says, “Yeah sure, just let them finish what they were saying. Will offer them in a minute” and waits for me patiently to finish the sentence I started and then asks, “Would you like anything to drink, juice, coffee?”


After the food, the wife talks about another family “The husband sits in the lounge and wife brings coffee, it is that orthodox they are”…

It amused me that how she couldn’t see what is happening in her own house? It is worth noting that both are IT pros, although she currently is not working,¬†as she has given up her job to look after her kid.

I know all about “choices”. How any self respecting woman (or a man for that matter if he is in that kind of situation) would choose this as her choice? Being ordered around and treated like a housemaid as her choice? Is it only us (Balan and I) who noticed that the husband didn’t offer any drink?

The husband instructed/advised the wife not to discipline their kid in front of us whereas he failed to see he did what he did to his wife in front of us.

I don’t understand. I don’t get her stand in this. There is¬†no any society judging her here. There is no any¬†¬†mother-in-law present there (as often the complaints point to the MIL), there is no one insisting on the woman doing it. There is no one to point the finger at her. Why is it the way it is? Why can’t they see it?

I would dump all these on bad parenting. Upbringing of both that guy and that girl. Hopefully their children get to grow out of that small circle.

Why does it bother me? I have no idea either!

Flirt or Settle or, Settle with the Flirt?

There is this perfect guy one would consider to flirt with (good flirt/fancying-sort-of-flirt) and there is this another perfect guy one would consider to settle down with, well it is also that the flirt-guy is a good catch (very good catch), but, no, not for me (well, he could be very good to settle down with too).

Anyway, both work with me. I get to see them everyday. There are quite a lot of issues I deal with them everyday and evertime they prove that they are perfect. I am also pleased to note that they are (both of them) attracted to me as well. (just proves that I am not obselete, not yet).

¬†Life is all fine, except that I am settled with a guy whom I flirted with, eight years ago. Life sucks. ūüė¶ (Not that I complain about good Sambhars I get as a result of jelousy coming from having to hear the stories I tell every day ūüėÄ )

(It is just this bloody culture I grew up with makes my body move in certain ways so that no bloody men species’s can make any sort of physical contact with my body. I do it unconciously everytime when there is a men-species around me. Even for a casual thing. ūüė¶ They look at me as if I am weird,¬†and oh yes, my body does move in certain weird fashion to avoid them.¬† Oh, don’t think too much, it is just the hands and fingers I am talking about.¬†Anything more than that is well protected by my very-cultural up bringing! (I do handshake, and hug/kiss too, but that is different).