C25K – Day3


At 8am running today.

break, already!

down with flu. Could still do running, but there are too many things on plate now. As they say in Kanban, I must limit the WIP (work in progress) in order to match with the velocity 😉

C25K – Day2


This was at 2pm running today.


C25K – Day1

IMG_1374Who would have thought!

I do not aim to become a proper runner, if I do, that is a bonus. I do not aim to lose weight, if I do, that would be a bonus too. I just want to break the fence I have with physical fitness/running. Nothing else. Note, I do not call it a barrier. I do not fear running/working_out. I just don’t really …. into ..it.  I don’t dislike either. I am just not into it. I want to break that fence now. That is all.

This was just at the dawn running today. I don’t have a partner. Otherwise, I would explore much more scenic route.

a very useful tool for the runners


First timer

I never thought I will run. Well, I don’t run yet, but I have started liking the idea of running. Wait, do we read it right that there is an yet, meaning I might run in the future? Yeah baby! And to my disbelief I like the idea of running! How did these happen and when did they happen? Just today after my first session of c25k programme! Hold on. I am not going to run 5km in 30 mins in 9 weeks. That is not my goal. I do not have a goal. I just want to try this running thing. Secret goals are to lose some weight and tighten the loose tummy.

It all started with me wanting to run a running group for mummies with young babies. I wanted to provide free creche and give the mummies a couple of hours of freedom and help them to do something to get fit. I was a bit down when I was told that funding is not possible for this programme after an initial enthusiasm shown by the children centre. Then I decided to try a trial session myself to figure out the practicalities that I might not have thought through other than the free creche and the coffee after running. So, off I went this morning to try it out. Guess what, I just loved the feeling. Running outdoors under the waste sky sets you free in a real sense. Now I can understand why runners like running and how there can be a case of running fanatics in this world! Also, I can finally understand why I should never say never. Read my previous post for another proof!

If you live in the Gadebridge around area or if you can get to the Gadebridge shops, then see you at the Galley Hill dip tomorrow 10 to 10:30 am or every Thursday mornings 10 to 10:30am (and Fridays 10 to 10:30am if I can make Friday sessions regular too). If you are a mummy with a young baby, then arrange some child minding for a couple of hours and join me. if there is a good number of us needing creche, then I may try for funding for free creche again. I won’t be able to do it next week as a procedure (biopsy like) is planned to remove verucca from my left heel by putting me under general anesthesia, meaning it is going to be a big digging the docs are going to do, so, I won’t able to walk for a few days, but hopefully I will be able to continue running from the following week onwards. (yes, I was limping today).

Balan was all smiling and applauding when I came back and started going on and on about how it feels nice after exercising in the gym and how he doesn’t feel like munching or how he has the nagging feeling to have coffee when not going to the gym etc etc. I said, “That is it. don’t push your luck mate” and sat down with a nice cup of coffee after a nice relaxing shower.