Must be my estranged son

….. who spells squirrel as screwile ūüėÄ (Are¬†you smarter than 10 year old?)

Impressed with Sky+

Impressed with Sky+ box.

We have been using ntl, or, now the Virgin Media, for a long time. Didn’t feel the need to move to Sky. Secondly my priority has always having better broadband. As technically, or so I believe that, ntl broadband is better than all other companies that use bt phone line based ADSLs and as the combo packages are better deals than having¬†TV with one company, broadband with another and telephone with yet another, we stayed with ntl. Now we have moved to sky just for TV, as¬†we needed to get Tamil Channel for my mother.¬†We got Sky+ and¬†I am totally impressed. There is Sky HD or something like that, which is superior to Sky+ I suppose, but Sky+ is good enough for my TV watching habits.

Busy again

I love being busy. I love having to write down what I have to do and crossing them out when they are done. I love making lists. I love managing things and people. I love running around.

I also love being lazy. I love getting depressed. I love not doing anything but refreshing my blog to see if there is any new comment or any new hit.

I haven’t replied to many friends’ mails. I haven’t replied to the comments in my blogs. I have to post few links in kathambamaalai¬†to keep it alive before it gets declared dead. But I have been looking at the monitor all day, playing websudoku¬†(I know it is a stupid game) or freecell or reading some blogs repeatedly. Haven’t left many comments in their blogs either.

I have become a trustee for a volunteer organisation. That too an active trustee, meaning,  manager + doer trustee. Which means work and my time! It was nice to be in a dim-lit hall in a village with a bunch of volunteer trustees who are worried about their community they are living in and spending their valuable time to improve it. The organisation for which I am a trustee is a youth centre for the local young people. The purpose of the centre is to create an environment and a place where they can spend their time (hang out) so that they are not distracted towards unwanted activities. It is going to be a steep learning curve for me.

I am also planning to read and do one more (perhaps two levels) certification before the baby is born. I might need to do yet another certification, but I am not planning to do it yet.

Judging Amy

Judginng Amy in which Amy Brenneman plays her mother.

Hall mark Channel 6-7pm week days.

JUDGING AMY, which is based on the real-life story of Brenneman’s own mother, is about three generations of women living together as they confront the personal and professional dilemmas in their changing lives.

The Weather

It has been gloomy, windy and¬†horridly cold. It was sunny last week. Nice and warm. Suddenly everything changed. It snowed a little, then hailstorm, then snow, hailstorm… make up your mind, dear. Very windy and very cold. Depressing too.¬† This weekend we are going to be heading north.. weather forecast for Yorkshire is rainy!

Onething I am glad about is the weather forecast here. They do work. English still complain about their forecast programmes and they love to say (moan) that it is unpredictable. but no, it was predicted, and yes it is snowing. But depressingly snowing. The snow is not in good enough quantity to cover the grass, melts immediately and it snows and hail storm and it goes on like that.

Car Boot Sale

I love car boot sales. It is not the bargain I am going to get that attracts me. It is the chat. British / English are very chatty. I love to chat with them. There is a coffee place in our carboot.

I have bought quite a lot of things in carboot sales. Very nice paintings, floor lamps, furniture and loads of DVDs.. It is a good place to buy books. Children books and toys are available in plenty, but I do not have interest in those at the moment.

I can buy book and/or DVD for you if you leave the detail with me. I don’t mind browsing. ¬†


After seeing Shilpa’s success (and not to¬†the mention the money she bagged), it certainly is very tempting ūüėȬ†

Note the deadline is “midnight at the end of Monday 26th February, 2007″

I should have posted it earlier, atleast for the interests of others. But, I just found out. (¬†I was aware that they have been auditioning for the “normal” BB. But didn’t bother to look for the site to link it here. My fault.)

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