Have you ever felt disappointed when you first met a person whom you have only known online but for a while? I have always felt disappointed whenever I came to face to face with my online friends. I don’t know why. It is not that I expected them to be beautiful or handsome. In fact one was prettier than I had imagined but still I was disappointed. I guess it brings one chapter to an end by crushing the blank face into unrecognisable pieces and filling it with some strange unfamiliar features, forcing it and demanding an acceptance on a known name, which makes the disappointment not just a disappointment but also a sad one. I recently had such a disappointment with a blogger friend (a Tamil blogger). I haven’t met this person in person yet, but happen to see a photo on FB and was sad. I do not know what others have thought of me after meeting me in person or after seeing my photo. Balan has always told me that others might find it disappointing to see me having such a childish voice and innocence tainted accent (Madurai accent), while they would expect me to be strong and authoritative. What did you think of me when you first met me in person, if you have met me in person? And, what was your experience with your online friends when putting faces to their names?

Baby H

Baby H died in her/his mother’s womb peacefully. Her/his mother was 21 weeks pregnant, same as me. Hope she/he rests in peace. Hope the family is able to cope the loss.

I do remember

I do remember our anniversaries. In fact this is the first time I remember ours, I mean I remember mine for the first time. Thanks to you who reminded mine all these years. It may be the truth hitting my face that you won’t remind me this year, that made me remember ours. 

We are good the way are now. I do not want to get hurt by the hot and cold relationship of ours all over again. I remember you very fondly. I wish you from my heart all the goodness you deserve in your life. I know for sure you do too. Thank you for that.

The reason why I want to send my wishes this way is that to convey you that I do and I still respect the relationship we had, however that was. Not to re-invoke the hot and cold all over again. I know you won’t like it either.

Advance wishes. Happy anniversary to you.

Other Anniversaries:
Happy anniversary to Dadoji who celebrates on 13th.
Belated anniversary wishes to Boo who celebrated on June 5th. (Boo, I am creating my database for the first time, so forgive me).

Bilingual kid

I have heard about this little boy’s charming talks from his mother (his mother once asked him a question, he didn’t reply. She wasn’t sure whether he heard her or not, so she repeated the question, he didn’t reply. She repeated again with a louder voice. He didn’t reply. She repeated again with another question, “do you hear me or not”, for which he replied: “Leave me alone”!!!), but last weekend I got the opportunity to watch it for myself (That bird that did it on his car window, is having constipation problem and is on lactulose). For a just under three years old (34 months), he thinks and talks really amazingly unbelievably too much, in a good nice way.

 Following is a result of his bilingual upbringing. A very cute one at that.

பாட்டி: “பிரெட்ட டோஸ்டர்ல போட்டுட்டு வந்துட்டயா, அது அப்படியே மேல வந்துடுச்சு, பூம்–னு (வெடி/மத்தாப்பு வெடிப்பது போல் கைசைகை செய்து கொண்டே)”.

His Grandma: “You left the bread in the toaster and left the place, didn’t you? It came out up like boooom (hand gesturing like firecracker cracking)”.

The little boy / பையன்: “You பயந்து(got scared)? I பயந்து (got scared) too”. 


Nice Gesture

A friend of mine did a very nice gesture for me.

That reminds me that friends do not need to be “my type” to  be friends. We just need to have good heart for each other. She does know the formula to caring. I am lucky.

Thanks for being there. Thanks for everything you did/are doing for me.


Kat and Michelle,

So sweet of you both. Thank you. 🙂