Bullying is the mainstream

In a culture where bullying is the mainstream!


Actions and consequences

A blogger/FB friend’s post drew my attention to “Chinmayi matter”, about which I do not know much yet, except that she said something and others said something etc etc, very similar to which very regularly and happily happens in Tamil blogs, that I know of.

Whatever it is, I like one thing about this is that the guy who thought he can say anything and him and his friends can have a laugh about it, will think again. A lesson to similar guys. I am pleased that the guy is behind the bars now. Actions should have  consequences. I am pleased it has started happening. If it is the celebrity power is what that has made this happen, good for the celebrity for having his power. Hope even a street girl’s voice will be given attention in the future.

On the other note, hope people who think it is ok to comment on other communities and call it their “opinion” get sent behind bars too. And people who call themselves superior get sent to behind bars too. Hope people who pass racist comments get sent behind bars too.

Mommy strike

Don’t I love her! Start from the first post and read further on. A mom after my heart. I heart her!


Episode two of series 1, UUVVU


In case you didn’t get the title, read the title of the link above!

Now, there is an article written by someone raised in a city – http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/oct/05/lucy-mangan-country-living

I have often thought that who would want to grow up in Erode, Karur kind of places (these are cities in Tamil Nadu). No offence to those who grew up in those place or who still live those place, I just don’t know anything about those places. But I know Kombai. I think the entire planet, except the Kombaites, has missed out on a huge level by not having the opportunity to grow up in Kombai!

Anyway, I browsed my old post back just to link here and that brought back my opinions on after school activities and proud parents of baby Olympics achievers. I am so glad we are not in contact with many Indian families we had in our social circle before, especially those whose kids are of similar age to Muffin who compare their children’s achievements and activities with Muffin. I am even more glad about not having contact with those who have two children whose youngest are of similar age to Muffin, who often compare their younger ones to our younger one  forgetting that our younger one is only two years old!

Here is something I can report: Muffin has moved on to stage two in swimming! Timmy has been asking for his swimming pool but we the mean parents have not been giving him swimming lessons yet but we do take him to watch his sister and other kids having fun in the pool.


As rightly pointed out by Mr.Stalin K. Padma (love the surname), if you have not faced (seen) castism, then you belong to the uppercaste! And not all the “lower” caste people are Bhangis. As rightly pointed out by Wilson, “Bhangi” is a job. and we should be ashamed that such a job still exists.

I have come across a very very few uppercaste people who do not practice castism. Rather, I have seen my share of people who practice castism. Even in England. How they practice differs. They may “touch” the “lower caste” people (and hence claim they do not practice “untouchability) but they will make sure they let him/her know their caste in only so many different ways. I feel like laughing when some uppercaste people play victims.

It is unfortunate that they are raising their children also with all their castism. Another generation, already drenched in castism.  😦

what is the fuss?

I posted something on FB and I thought it can be shown to a wider readership. I cannot post others comments, so I am posting just mine. Here we go.

women fuss over men. yuck! have some self respect woman! you are dragging yourself beneath lower and lower. yuck!

Feeling queasy actually 😦

It makes me feel queasy whenever I see a woman fall beneath in her own eyes when she forgets to respect herself but fusses over a man who doesn’t respect her enough to stop her from doing it, but accepts the advantages of fussing. Which is a disrespect towards the woman herself. So, she falls beneath and beneath and it is nauseating. Why a woman would chose to live a lower life like that?

another one from the good man

At this rate I may end up linking every episode of Mr. Aamir Khan

  1. what an idiot and a conditioned this women this Padma is to think that her sister’s life will be ruined when her son was being abused by the sister’s husband, for the past 11 years! what a ridiculous conditioning was that!
  2. what an idiot culture is this to not to report on a paedophile but keep it within the family? “confronting”, yeah right!
  3. what about abuse by a parent,  which is one of the common cases of child abuse?


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