life lesson – 1

Never watch Gilmore Girls when you are feeling down; especially when it is about your mother and especially when you have a mother like mine and especially when Emily Gilmore does something nice.

Must be my estranged son

….. who spells squirrel as screwile 😀 (Are you smarter than 10 year old?)

Impressed with Sky+

Impressed with Sky+ box.

We have been using ntl, or, now the Virgin Media, for a long time. Didn’t feel the need to move to Sky. Secondly my priority has always having better broadband. As technically, or so I believe that, ntl broadband is better than all other companies that use bt phone line based ADSLs and as the combo packages are better deals than having TV with one company, broadband with another and telephone with yet another, we stayed with ntl. Now we have moved to sky just for TV, as we needed to get Tamil Channel for my mother. We got Sky+ and I am totally impressed. There is Sky HD or something like that, which is superior to Sky+ I suppose, but Sky+ is good enough for my TV watching habits.

Naughty naughty chocolates

Following is one of my favourite ads. I know all you UK people have seen it, so I was thinking what is the point of posting it here, then I realised that there are some poor souls like Sudha who might not have seen this. It is for those who live in other countries and have not seen this ad.

I couldn’t find another one, a beer add, set in a beach location, a girl walks towards the counter to buy a beer, three men standing on the side immediately pull their tummies in to hide their not well toned-tummies, she enjoys the attentions she got…. Can’t remember what beer ad it was. The ad is also bit old one.

Judging Amy

Judginng Amy in which Amy Brenneman plays her mother.

Hall mark Channel 6-7pm week days.

JUDGING AMY, which is based on the real-life story of Brenneman’s own mother, is about three generations of women living together as they confront the personal and professional dilemmas in their changing lives.

Gilmore girls

Mother-daughter relationship. Emily Gilmore, Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore.  Very beautiful Drama.  

I now own a complete pack of all five seasons. Six DVDs for each season. (It is Balan’s idea of gift. How sweet. 🙂 Don’t know the occasion though. Now he is searching for Judging Amy, all six seasons, and the sixth season Gilmore girls). 

I enjoy sharing. So, don’t hesitate if you would like to borrow. It will be my pleasure.


After seeing Shilpa’s success (and not to the mention the money she bagged), it certainly is very tempting 😉 

Note the deadline is “midnight at the end of Monday 26th February, 2007″

I should have posted it earlier, atleast for the interests of others. But, I just found out. ( I was aware that they have been auditioning for the “normal” BB. But didn’t bother to look for the site to link it here. My fault.)

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