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Lorelai killed or at least involved in killing Miranda as a gift. All the RJ accomplices do something like this similar to initiation to join the cult group. But what shook Lorelai was that Miranda was raped before she died. Not RJ’s style. It was not RJ.

Wagner is not in prison anymore. The latest episode was about giving people second chance or changing lives. There have been indication to changing identity or changing lives throughout the series. I think we are going to find out that Wagner is not in prison anymore and has assumed a different identity now.

Why is Dr. Morning in PJ’s list? Did PJ meet Morning when he was alive? Then why he couldn’t identify the body, that it was not him, if PJ has doubts about him being dead?



Moving closer, finally!

Great episode S5E8, Red sails in the sunset.

Got to watch other episodes just to re-evaluate my theory, otherwise, Dr. Linus Wagner still fits perfectly. Just a few flaws in this theory though.

  1. Lorelai was not there when PJ and Wagner shook hands. What else was she referring to?
  2. How did he escape prison so many times? once may be possible, but he sees to be coming out and happily going back in.
  3. He said that didn’t want to go to jail as that would put his programmes unfunded leaving the children in Africa not getting what they have been getting through him. Is that why he started going after Volker and the kinds, asking them to give back?

on the positive note for my theory, The fact that Wagner got caught too easily by PJ, it makes him even more perfect fit for RJ. Meaning, he is not really too powerful. He can be manipulated too, like how PJ did when he got him caught.

Tijuana is where Jared Renfrew was killed. The location has some significance. Jared Renfrew did not escape CBI to have fun. He went to meet RJ or an associate. The words on the wall and the picture should have been mirror-imaged to see the right pic. the smiley on the wall looks in its right orientation in the mirror. And, it was not written by Jared.

Some one should make a map of important locations (like the location of Lorelai’s sister’s cabin) and some major events. That might give clues to RJ’s movement.

The Bigger Picture

So, the bigger picture is that giving something back to the world for all the receiving we have had by being in this world. If that is true, Volker is going against it by killing Cassie Flood. Again, if this is true, Cassie Flood was RJ’s acquaintance. or moved in the same circle as Ted put it. So, there may be a few who are not directly know who RJ is but still carry out an operation as part of the mission of the bigger picture. Volaker’s Amazon village massacre should be against RJ’s mission too.

I am still going with with Dr Linus Wagner who killed PJ’s family and the higher up in the circle if RJ is a group of people, meaning, RJ is many.

My current candidate

My current candidate for Red John is Dr. Linus Wagner. He even says “for the record, I am sorry about your family”.


Look what I have found: http://www.plantzafrica.com/plantcd/cucumismet.htm Could be the poison used on Rebecca!

And here is the important note: They all have African connection. Wagner sponsored African children. Timothy Carter grew up in Africa and was born to a missionary who worked in Africa.

I just have to find the other connections. Higher path, Patrick, Higher path!

Feminism and TV serials

Apparently, there are many TV serials that are made from the Sherlock Holmes’ story. I do not know whether the creators of Dr House have openly accepted it but the Mentalist creators have. Both very intellectual kind, both very popular and both are in the top of my fav list.   But, the two differ distinctly in how they portray women. Dr Cuddy of Dr House is always ridiculed by the main character. Agreed that the main character Dr House is written as an a**###**&& by the creators themselves, but it also shows what is in the heads of the creators when they write some scenes. The Mentalist creators on the other hand have done a wonderful job of portraying women. Yes, we do have the pretty Grace Van Pelt who is considered by her boss less competent than the other agents in the team, but she is also the new recruit hence lacks experience. The team lead Teresa Lisbon, who is also one of the lead characters, is a woman. Over the time, she has even overtaken Patrick Jane. Susan Darcy’s portrayal is again admirable. Love the actress (Catherine Dent) who plays the role.

What makes the tyger a tyger and the lamb a lamb?

The Mentalist, for me, has been an interesting TV series for a few different reasons. It’s main concept, or the clue for the moment, is that it is the same creator who created the Lamb, also created the tiger.

Before Kids (BK), I strongly believed that the nurture plays a major role than the nature as I have seen how different siblings can be. Probably their genetic make up also differed to some extent although they came from the same creators. Some of the characteristics I have seen that made the siblings so different from each other were how they were raised, what they were taught as values and what they were taught as superior/inferior things … blah blah blah… I started to reevaluate my opinion on this after having kids (AK), as the children showed so much of the passed-down-through-the-genes matters. Muffin and Timmy differ in their genetic make up too and that is so visible. Timmy takes after my family side and Muffin takes after her dad’s family side. But, now that my own sibling is here with me, my old opinion (that nurture overtakes the nature) has come back strong as I see him often. What we value are so different. What we believe in are so different. We sometime like the same things, one of which interestingly is “The Mentalist”! Then we start to differ in our opinion on which character is what and what is right and what is not and blah blah blah….

Coming back to the William Blake’s poem and to my question, what makes the tyger a tyger and the lamb a lamb? The values, I think. Where in the brain it gets stored is science. How it is made to get stored is nurture, imo. That brings my theory back that nurture can make a tiger or a lamb out of anyone. I have seen people who have shown absolutely no empathy for others. So self centered and cannot think about anyone but themselves. It is the morality engine that has made them who they are.  It is the nurture. So, that shifts the blame to the parent and parent and parent and so on. Does it stop? It doesn’t if the next generation is raised with the same values their parents raised, which made them who they are. It can be stopped by people who can take their head above the water and look. That is all we need for feminism too. Complicated and yet simple.

Tyger and the Lamb

I get that both Tiger and the Lamb come from the same creator. But that is done said to death now. Please please give us some more clues, meaning, more different clues!

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