It was snowing. 4am. But Chakra beat me to it. I gave up blogging about it and went to start my day.

Having lived in Scotland, I didn’t think this snow was going to cause driving impossible, but yes I thought it was going to be slow today. Nope, I was wrong. Car started skidding when I started to drive, I hoped it was just the minor road that leads to my house which was not cleared by the snow clearing vehicles, hopefully other roads will be better. Nope, it was all zig-zag drive until I reached the station, luckily I made it to the station. Looking at the cars with hazard lights on and stopped all over the roads after me reaching the platform, I felt relieved that I can go to work today, without realising the trains and their cancellations….. I made it to work too, surprisingly well in time. Life and work continued as ever. It was snowing outside, the chaotic work continued as ever.

some photos. (click on the images).

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                           drive to station            

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Balan cleaning my car                        some poor soul’s cycle

PS: photos were taken by Balan after I had left to work. Time settings show Indian time.

Bad manager

Prescript and disclaimer: The conversations were real and no commission or ommission errors are committed here.  (what a shame. I have forgotten the term “commission or omission errors” and wrote “addition or omission error” instead. It is such a basic term in image classification analysis, which was my basic subject… )

 Situation 1:

“When you started the job as my manager, I was very dissappointed to see you as my  manager, because you have no clue about finance and no clue about management either”.

“Hold on. I know I have no clue about finance. I told you myself. Why did you think I have no clue about management?”

“So far we had male managers who came in and “told” us what to do and they all were very arrogant. Whereas your approach is different and is not similar to our previous managers”.

There you go. I am a bad manager

Situation 2:

Hiya, I want to move in to the area close to where you are. You know sometimes you get the feeling about your manager that you will have a good wavelength with this person, I feel I have such feeling about you. I want to sit close to your work area. Can I move in here?”

There you go. I am a good manager.

Situation 3:

“you are the manager. Tell them what to do. Show them their place. If you let them do whatever they want, they will walk all over you”.

“That is enough. Let us do the work we came here to do, yeah. Start writing the serial numbers down. No no. Stop talking. I am your manager. I am telling you. stop talking.”

No clue about management 😦

Current read

Current read – Dealing with difficult people!

 Guess what, I am one myself.

 Advantage of others being difficult is that they are easily predictable and manipulating them is easy. Disadvantage of me being difficult is that others can predict my reactions and I can be easily manipulated.

Must be the air

It has been a horrible week. 😦

I have lost my fav long coat.

I have hit a car.

I crossed the line with the boss.

A horrible colleague in the new office.

A frustrated bunch for team.

Reached my “tough cookie” threshold level several times. Collapsed a few times.

Balan has been a darling. He was doing all cooking and looking after everything. thanks. (home cooked food is a very important factor for me. pizzas (sometimes) and pocket/ready-made foods depress me, as eating these foods makes me feel that I am not having a regular routine life!).


Got promoted, as interim manager of……………… Finance section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Though it is for a short term, I am going to live my life.


  1. eat out tonight.
  2. Eat out tommorrow.
  3. buy clothes this weekend
  4. buy shoes this weekend
  5. watch movies this weekend.
  6. want rain. It is already raining.

Good night.

Flirt or Settle or, Settle with the Flirt?

There is this perfect guy one would consider to flirt with (good flirt/fancying-sort-of-flirt) and there is this another perfect guy one would consider to settle down with, well it is also that the flirt-guy is a good catch (very good catch), but, no, not for me (well, he could be very good to settle down with too).

Anyway, both work with me. I get to see them everyday. There are quite a lot of issues I deal with them everyday and evertime they prove that they are perfect. I am also pleased to note that they are (both of them) attracted to me as well. (just proves that I am not obselete, not yet).

 Life is all fine, except that I am settled with a guy whom I flirted with, eight years ago. Life sucks. 😦 (Not that I complain about good Sambhars I get as a result of jelousy coming from having to hear the stories I tell every day 😀 )

(It is just this bloody culture I grew up with makes my body move in certain ways so that no bloody men species’s can make any sort of physical contact with my body. I do it unconciously everytime when there is a men-species around me. Even for a casual thing. 😦 They look at me as if I am weird, and oh yes, my body does move in certain weird fashion to avoid them.  Oh, don’t think too much, it is just the hands and fingers I am talking about. Anything more than that is well protected by my very-cultural up bringing! (I do handshake, and hug/kiss too, but that is different).