Wall of shame – 1

Today I talked to a Tamil guy.  He started talking about a social get together then I mentioned that there is another such a get together group, and he replied that he is a member of that group as well. So we discussed about a few things. The discussion continued towards where I am staying currently and I had to mention about my family being in a different place. “So,  your husband looks after your kids?”. I said, “yes”. He gave a pause for a fraction of a minute, then turned around and started laughing! I was speechless at his behaviour. I said, “It was nice meeting you, bye” and moved away. He is an IT guy, well educated, working in the UK.

Now, he could behave like this because there is no any law against his behaviour. Is there any law against me putting his name up and shame him here? Until I know that, I am leaving it like this and hoping that him or his friend(s) read this post and feel ashamed of themselves.

Update:  Looks like this guy got some signal or he or his friends read this post or he didn’t think he should talk to a woman who makes her husband look after her children, he kept his head in a different direction when we had to travel in the same lift and cross each other at tea point. Amazing! I mean, amazing specimens indeed!



Racism is accepted and celebrated in several forms in India. One of them is castism. We are proud to have come from such a background. We are proud of our castes. We are proud of our roots. We celebrate them. No one has to give us any racist names, we are so proud that we carry our racist names ourselves.