New Addition

Mother and son are just back from hospital greeted by big sis.  Bad weather and bad driving conditions couldn’t stop us from anything.

Muffin she is

Love the “3rd & Bird” on CBeebies and love love Muffin. I am going to blog name my little one as Muffin. I am not going to post regular updates or any other posts on Muffin but if I have to refer her now and then then I am going to use the blog name Muffin for her. Btw, Muffin has a new private blog. Please send me your wordpress username if you would like to read her blog. I do not plan to do regular updates. But I think it is a good idea to write about her now and then, whenever I have the mood for it. Send me your wordpress username and I will send you the detail.

First birthday and the best cake

I have to post this. It is about the cake Avni got as her first birthday cake. The special babydoll cake was made by Avni’s chithi for Avni. The additional cake, the round cake,  itself was a very good one but the show stealer was the babydoll cake. We didn’t have the heart to cut the babydoll cake and hence we cut the round cake. but later on we had to cut the babydoll cake as well as that was the idea.



PS: If anyone is interested in getting such wonderful custom designed cakes made, then contact me for details.

Dear Amma

Dear Amma,



DSCN5985   17042008026

DSCN6474    DSCN6512



DSCN6844    22102008241

DSCN7234      IMG_7834


IMG_7917    IMG_7918

IMG_7921   IMG_7929

Dear Amma, I am one year old today. Hope you got the hang of the motherhood at least by now. It IS real. You got a daughter. You are a mother. I am real. I am crawling and walking and pooing all the time, I am sure you know that. Okay. It is your blog. I have been enjoying the limelight. I will come back when I own my own blog. Until then, see ya, tata, bye bye. Thank you all aunties and uncles who have been very kind and have been calling me cute and all.

bye bye, tata.

First Christmas

Avni got her first Christmas gift from her big sis V and A. Avni just loves the gift and dances to the song the Santa sings. Above videos are presented here to thank V, A, Chithappa and Chithi for the first gift on Avni’s first Christmas. It was not only the first gift, but also her only gift as mom and dad failed to remember to pack anything for the little one!

IMG_7559e    IMG_7521 IMG_7537    IMG_7771

Lovely cosy luxury cottage by a river made it the best holiday ever. The company made it even better. Avni was as lovely as any cute baby can be. It was a wonderful holiday overall.

IMG_7508   IMG_7506

Gummy grin to toothy grin


Finally some teeth! but, we have lost our gummy grin.

Avni is 11 months and 21 days old.

Co sleeping and other sleeping troubles

IMG_7399Avni loves co sleeping. So do her parents! Oops!

Avni’s bed time routine used to have her drinking one full bottle of milk at the end of which she used to be flat. Now Avni doesn’t want anything to do with the bottle and I am in trouble finding a routine to help her sleep. Reading is a play for her so it motivates her to laugh and play. not a good one for sleeping yet. So, I hold her sitting on a chair next to her cot. But that has introduced another bad habit that she wants me to be there every time she stirs up. We have had few lucky nights that she slept like a baby(?!) through the entire night too, but that is the only thing giving us hope that she will be fine when she is ready. Waking up in between is a different issue to her bed time routine. She used to have her dinner by 5pm, little snack at 6pm mainly to make her thirsty, and milk at 7pm then she goes to sleep. Now as she doesn’t want milk, I should not make her thirsty, well I can if she can drink same quantity of water (as milk) or juice, which is unlikely. so no snack. no milk. Initially the bed time was pushed to 8pm as there is no milk to help her sleep. I have been worried that she goes with almost empty stomach as the gap is complete two to three hours after dinner. but now she has slowly brought her bed time forward that she goes to bed by 6:30pm now. you might think we are lucky, but nope. she wakes up around 8:30pm with full enthu and wants us to play with her… until 11pm. As I had noticed that co sleeping keeps her calm and helps her sleep quicker, i take her to our bed. She is calm alright, but lies on me, lies by me, and does something like namas thing for couple of hours before … well, I don’t know what happened after that as I had slept before she did.

She wants to sleep on my face! Anytime she stirs up and finds that her head is not on my face, she comes looking for me, puts her head on my face and sleeps! I move away leaving her head on the same place. In the morning, I find myself at the bottom of the bed and Avni’s head still on my face!

Daytime naps and the first part of her night time sleep are still in her cot which is what is keeping us not going seriously worried yet. She associates sleep time to me leaving her alone and her heart beat goes really fast when I put her in her cot. Sometimes  she happily goes to her bed, but some other times, she looks at me and cries for few minutes before starting her sleep time routine (that namas like thing). But then she is fine after that. I think I shouldn’t leave her to cry as suggested by the health visitor. I am following my instincts this time. Hope it works.

Avni is 11months and 11 days old.

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