Voting has started

Please go to vote for us.

1. you have to register to vote there. otherwise it goes to a blank page and does not take the vote. but it does not give any error message either.
2. when entering the verification characters we have to enter them in small letters though they are displayed it in caps. every 24 hours is permitted. if you want to log in for a different person then you have to log out and then log in again to vote. you have to go to “my home page” to log out.
4.Please check the voting again if you get a blank page. Blank page means the voting has not gone through. check the voting again. Thanks. 
Thanks for voting. please send the link and information to your friends too. thank you all in advance for voting.

Please vote every 24 hours. it is permitted. Thanks.


Voting starts tomorrow



The voting starts tomorrow. You can vote every 24hrs. I will give you the link tomorrow. Please please vote for us. Please ask your friends to vote for us too. Thanks in advance.