A (couple of) growing up scene(s)!

“Daddy, I have something to show you. I going to get it from my bag”

“I think I have put it in the bin. Muffin, What are you looking for?”

“My bag, mummy”.

“What in the bag, Muffin?”

“The wing I made and the stream picture I drew”

“They are in the recycling bin, Muffin. Go and get them from there”.

“It is not supposed to be in here mummy!. And there is my certificate! Mummy, never ever put my certificate in the bin”!


“blah blah blah blah ……………………. is that clear?”

No, it was not Muffin!

another one from the good man

At this rate I may end up linking every episode of Mr. Aamir Khan

  1. what an idiot and a conditioned this women this Padma is to think that her sister’s life will be ruined when her son was being abused by the sister’s husband, for the past 11 years! what a ridiculous conditioning was that!
  2. what an idiot culture is this to not to report on a paedophile but keep it within the family? “confronting”, yeah right!
  3. what about abuse by a parent,  which is one of the common cases of child abuse?


for those who have missed it


Murderer or a mother?


“Don’t resuscitate because I’ve done him already. He is at peace.”

The prosecutor added: “When she realised he was dead, she collapsed into a chair.

“She thought he was suffering, that is why she did what she did.

added: an unrelated story


A post-mortem examination carried out on Monday failed to establish the cause of the baby’s death.

A woman has been charged with the murder of a baby boy whose body was found in a flat on Tyneside.

Don’t miss


“Most women don’t have careers. They have jobs that they have to do to pay the electricity bill or buy school shoes.

“Choosing to work or not to work is the ultimate luxury and it’s also a mark of how far women have come.”

The programme attempts to explode the myth that the 1950s was a golden age for family life.

The British Family begins on Monday, January 11 at 9pm.

Children doing time with their mums


What happens if I happen to kill (accidentally of course 😉 ) Balan and have to go to prison? Ok, not a good example, but, what if something unforeseen happens and I have to spend few months to few years, still a short term sentence,  in prison? The the thing I dread in this situation is the separation from my kid(s) and worse, them in foster home and me still alive knowing that they are in foster care (this brings up another topic, “foster care” – good or bad? will do another post). I support the the concept of baby unit, but it means that my kids doing time with me. I wouldn’t have supported the idea of kids doing time, well, if it is put that way, i still cannot support that, but if you ask me separation or taking children with me to the baby unit, I will go for the later. What would you support?

Single parenting

It is mostly women who do the single parenting. There are two heartbreaking stories in the “letter to” section of the Guardian. In both cases I sympathised with the fathers as well although all my amazment is at the mothers on how did they do it?

http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/oct/17/letter-to-exhusband in this case I beleive the woman still cares about her ex. I would be too if I were her, considering how caring he was and how suspicious it looks that he is no where to be found since then. OMG, how on earth this woman managed to do what she has done. four children, £40 in hand, the house repossesed and the husband leaves!

http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/aug/29/letter-to-ex and in this second case, he dies and there is no way of reversing it back! Along with her struggles, she lives with the hurt that it has caused her and her family.

and, here is a lucky woman http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2007/oct/20/familyandrelationships2 

I wasn’t going to post all these links on this blog here until my physiotherapist told me that he has lost his wife eight years ago in a road traffic accident and he has been managing his life with his three children since then. He had and has good support from his wife’s family, he says, but still ….

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