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I do not have much to write about. I am closing this blog. Let me see whether I can stick to this decision.

All my friends know how to reach me when they want to check on me and I know how to reach them when I have something to share with them.

tidying up

unsubscribed to blogs I don’t read.

We are famous

Kind Michelle has made us famous and kindly included me too. Now I can claim that I am famous in Scotland!

Reminder to myself again

I should stop commenting in others’ blogs. 1) it consumes time to type comment and then checking for reply and replying there again. 2) not necessarily going to be liked by the blogger. If disliked, what is the point of my comment. Well, I am not sure whether I comment expecting my comments to be liked, not necessarily again, but at the moment I do not want to comment, the comments which are going to be disliked or in anyway if it creates a not so nice feeling to the blogger and to me.  I am not trying to be nice. I am trying to learn to be manipulative, one of which is keeping my mouth shut. Well, I am trying to learn to be a good manager, atleast not a bad manager.

Failure moments

Was there any outcome I aimed in that (any) particular encounter? What did I achieve in that (any) particular encounter?

I was not wrong, I know. However, I have to admit that I failed there. A total failure with a total negative outcome however unintentional/unwanted aim (rather lack of any aim) it was.

Me and my TV

Back with my TV days. My Law & Order, my movies (I watch more movies than I post there), they keep me engaged. I just miss my Juding Amy, Guardian and Gilmore Girls. (I used to watch Dawson’s creek, but within just a few episodes I thought they were childish). A lot to learn from these series, they feed me well. Trained to transfer the acquired knowledge that I am, being a person who enjoys sharing that I am, I may not be able stay long away from this blogging.   

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