Baby blues and some notes

surprisingly I don’t have baby blues. No postnatal depression either. Or, is it too early to declare?

I did cry, but I thought it was not something unusual of me, so I didn’t count it as Baby Blue. I did feel depressed and dull, but I thought that was because of irregular sleeping pattern.

Irregular sleeping pattern, life centred around feeding, cleaning, smelly nappies, possetting, trying to get her to sleep…. It IS depressing.

Switch off your ears when mothers and aunts ask about your milk supply. As if they were daisies. Midwives are reassuring when they say that it is normal supply with top ups normal too. Do not torture yourself by trying to express using pumps. Pumps are horrible. As long as the baby gets enough calorie for the day, how does it matter how and in what form she gets it?

Do not overfeed. Possetting creates more work. Staying awake to get her sleep is trouble too. No escape. (Balan says that feed by demand is not overfeeding. Dr. Miriam Stoppard’s book says that possetting is a sign of overfeeding).

Baby blues are fine

Baby blues are fine. Some tears are fine. Crying all the time means it could be post natal depression. Another link for Baby blues.

Postnatal depression is different than the baby blues, however. It can occur at any time up to about two years after the birth. 

Some reasons for PND 

• If your birth experience was not what you had hoped for, feelings of resentment and anger can build up and be a factor in triggering depression.

• Babies and children are very demanding! Poor sleeping and eating patterns, if they are unrelenting, will wear down even the most determined and optimistic person.

• At a time when you really need support and sympathy, the attention of those close to you is often focused on your new baby.

• The popular image of motherhood is of a radiant, energetic woman with endless patience. The children are always beautifully turned out, the house immaculate, and a casserole is in the oven for dinner! This is seldom the reality, but women do often try to present themselves to the outside world as if it were.

Signs of post natal depression

Post natal depression and Killing mothers

Mothers have been jailed for Cot death babies, though the exact cause of Cot death is yet to be figured out.

I have seen few episodes of Law & Order proving mothers killing their children, when they were very much sane.

Post natal depression is something not very commonly well known among Indians, particularly not in India. Post natal depression can happen for various reasons, starting from the draining of all hormones during child birth. These hormones were the ones that keept the pregnant woman happy during her pregnancy. Sudden draining of it leaves the body and mind in sudden depression.

Confusions derived from cultural demands and pouring guilt over that woman from all corners is not going to help anyone. Agreed, Indian women cannot kill their children as they are under constant watch, but what good does it do to anyone by keeping a woman under guilt by saying that she is a bad person and what not.

Not related to the above rant, but a good recommendation from me is a movie “A cry in the dark” aka “Evil Angels”.