Preparing for the parenthood

I have mentioned a few reasons why I didn’t choose to adopt. Preparing for the parenthood is another one of them. When the child in life was just a theory, we did talk about changing our attitudes, stop fighting, stop being sarcastic at each other, stop provoking each other, stop bitching…. what not. But it never stopped. They all were in theory too. That scared me every time that if I bring a child suddenly on one fine morning, we will not be ready to handle the situation. This pregnancy period hits our face with reality that the child in life is no more a theory and we have a deadline to stop theorising things and get hands on with every theory. I am glad we both are growing up. It is strange to see me ignoring my ego and letting him win a fight when I am right. Letting him win when he is right also needs a lot of effort from me to stop twisting the situation to make him wrong and me right.

I think I am ready for adoption too. I will after I have revived my financial situation.