I am thrilled

that we are in January now and this baby will also be a January baby. I was browsing my old pregnancy notes of this time and i was surprised to see that it was 37 weeks on 2nd Jan last time too. It is 37 weeks tomorrow (2nd Jan) this time too. five days after that I had gone into labour. So, anytime now, anytime now. Labour was a total surprise for me lasst time as I didn’t expect labour before 40 weeks but i am anticipating labour all the time this time, not just because of the previous experience (of going into labour around this time), and also not just because it is second child now, but also becuase of the braxton hicks I have been having almost everyday since my first visit to the delivery suite. But I am thrilled this time.

Bag is almost ready. just the last bits need to be added. 
Organising is almost done. sleeping arrangements are almost done.  
Shopping is almost done.
Just killing time. and it is not good.


that today is still December 2009. I wish I could close my eyes and wake up to find out that it is February 2010, when my new baby is nearly a month old and everything else got adjusted to the change in life. and, I am happily dining in a restaurant!

Feels like contraction

and I just don’t want this to happen today, I mean not yet. First time in life I want to wait. I have been feeling like contractions and regular ones too, but only when moving about. And the toddler doesn’t help me stay calm.  Hope it is not labour yet. I want to wait until the booked Csec date just so that i can have the full advantage of having everything discussed and agreed in proper manner instead of having to argue with the delivery suit staff. Sure they will do C sec for me this time, but may not give me general anesthesia. (I have anesthetic appointment to discuss about the options just a week before Csec date). I hate epidural. Do not have experience but I do not want to have epidural. Also, I want the baby to be fully grown with good weight. cannot handle underweight baby. I am now full term though. 36weeks and 3 days. feels like i am gaining 1 kilo everyday. I feel heavier than how i felt yesterday. Still pushing myself to do some cleaning, clearing and organising the place to make the life little less chaotic when the new one comes. Still pushing myself to go for shopping as I have to be there to select certain things. Still pushing myself to arrange a birthday party for Muffin as I do not want her to be ignored already because of having the second one in our life..

Edited to add: I have decided that these are braxton hicks again and not go to the deliver suite.

differences between pregnancies

more like, what I did this time which I didn’t dare doing last time.  will also add other differences that were not my fault, i mean the things that were nothing to do with what did.

1. didn’t cut down on coffee a lot. switched to decaf to be on the safer side in the first trimester. but didn’t follow it strictly when i went out or at others places.
2. had spotting for few weeks in the first trimester. ended up worrying every time and had three scans in first trimester itself.
3. our NHS trust offered nuchal scan that i didn’t have to go private.
4. went to India for two plus long months.
5. didn’t follow a pedantic schedule of eating right kind of fruits and veg but ate lot of different kinds of fruits and veg. drank loads and loads of coconut water, ate loads and loads of tender coconut, guava, Indian goose berries (nellikkai), jack fruit, and what not.
6. ate loads and loads of peanuts. didn’t dare touching them last time.
7. took preg vitamin tablets which i didn’t last time.
8. threw up a few times in the second trimester. but i suspect it was to do with the bad food.
9. didn’t read/write much. didn’t do any exam.
10. had few sips of wine last week.
11. thought i kept a tab on my weight this time, i weigh the same as i did last time.  only difference is the weight at the start of the pregnancy. three kilos higher this time. meaning, three kilo less increase in this pregnancy. but got to lose the same amount after delivery to compensate for my failure to lose that three kilos last time.
12. didn’t get to eat fiery hot food this time, though i crave for it a lot. didn’t eat too much sweet either, except for the ice cream i an swallowing these days. I am only finishing off what is left in the freezer to help the clear out.
13. do not have a short list for the name yet. not even worried about it. I guess he is going to be called James or David or even Mike.

back with a news

It is not the withdrawal symptom that has brought me back to blogging. Surprisingly I didn’t have any withdrawal symptom for writing. I didn’t stop reading my regular blogs, which were just a few anyway, so, there was no any reason for withdrawal symptom.

I wanted to rant a few times. I managed to stop publishing those rants which are lying as drafts.  

Now to the news, I am pregnant, again! I am 13 weeks and 3 days today.  Just had the Nuchal Scan and things look fine so far. Waiting for the combined result for down syndrome and other things that could be identified using this combined nuchal scan and blood test.

I do not know whether it is the new software or the new machine in NHS for special nuchal scans or is it the baby, the scan picture shows a much more clearly defined baby than how Muffin was in her nuchal scan picture.

I may not post too many detail this time as the pregnancy is going pretty much similar as the last pregnancy, not to mention the almost same due date! (It was 22nd Jan for Muffin and it is 23rd Jan for this new baby).

I am going to India for a vacation. Mainly because I am even more immobile this time compared to last time and worse I have a toddler to handle as well. tummy is bigger than the huge tummy I had last time that the back pain is killing me already. I go exhausted and end up having aching back even for little movements within the house.  I am leaving to India in about a week. Will be back in November. I do not know whether I will update the blog while I am in India. There are internet cafes but I am not sure I want to be online too often.

See you all.


Not sure whether it was true contraction or brixton hicks, but I had a very regular pattern yesterday. Tightening of abdomen accompanied by something that can be called pain as it did make me lose breath, make my eyes close and make me unable to answer or engage in normal conversation. I generally do all these when I am in any pain to severe pain. I generally go silent and do not say anything when I am in pain.  That thing happened for every ten minutes starting from 4:30pm yesterday. It didn’t stop until I went to sleep. I could easily slip into sleep though. I have been getting it again this morning, but I am not observing its pattern now.

37 weeks, 5 days. (officiallly according to the dating scan, 38 weeks finished and 39th week started today)

Just had bloody show at 11.23am. Anitha says that it took two weeks for her after the bloody show to go into labour.

 […] 37th week […] I lost my mucus plug, a very big thick brownish red mass of mucus.

But mine was not as big as that. It was just a little and was periods like reddish mucus. Had two contractions after that. Had nice shower after seeing the show. I am just going to make a note of it with its time of occurrence. Going to ring the delivery suite to inform them, knowing that they are going to ask me to stay calm and read a book or go for a walk. Balan is informed. But, I can drive if needed and if the pain is within bearable range. Taking a cab is also in the option. I have to look for cab number and keep it in the vicinity now.

Update2 (1.38pm):
Have been having back labour, but the pain is very much within my bearable range.
Have talked to delivery suite. I am asked to monitor myself, as expected. But, the lady (may be midwife) noted down all the information I gave. The lady on the other side of the phone was nice.

Baby is moving well.

Update3 (4.00pm):
Talked to the delivery suite again and they have asked me to come in for a check up, as the interval between contractions has come down a lot. It was 4/5/6 minutes apart when I was talking to them and it has come down to 2/3/4 now when I am typing this. Balan is on his way home to take me to the hospital. Still not sure whether I am going to be admitted today, as it all depends on the width of dilation.
Pain is certainly bearable. It has so far been easy on me. Drinking herbal tea. Tried to sleep, but as I have to monitor the interval of contraction now, I decided against sleeping.

Update 4 (05.00am):

I am pleased  to inform you all that Premalatha gave birth to a little girl at 12.34 am this morning(08/01/08).  Prema is recovering fine(she had C-section) and the little one looks stunning.  I just came back from the hospital to have some nap.  She will write in details soon.


Prenatal depression

In my experience prenatal depression happens when things don’t go as per plan. I went depressed now and then, could be due to one or more of the following reasons.

1. House is not clean and tidy
2. Should have got this done by now, but no one (read Balan) seems to think it is important to get this done before this time. eg. packing hospital bag and setting up nursery well in advance so that we can get to know what else is still needed. Getting self (read Balan again) to a routine so that one manages to find plenty of free time, which gives a hope that there is space for the newcomer. After few fights and tears, bag is packed now and the nursery is almost set up. Getting the said person to a routine is not achieved yet and doesn’t seem achievable either. Instead it has been nothing but a disaster that we ended up adding some more backlog to the pile every time and I managed to make the said person feel incapable of anything and everything.
3. Not so perfect pregnancy reminded by the perfect pregnancy women and their children showing their parental expertise, scaring me and sending me to a serious dilemma on whether to continue this social relationship or not, every time, every single time. Though insignificant and probably did not contribute at all to my depression, but did consume some time and arguments between us, which ended in sending me to annoyed mood.
4. While physical inability crippling me, time in hand driving me crazy.
5. Unable to concentrate on reading or writing or even watching a movie.
6. Presence of my mother bringing all the bitter sweet memories back from Kombai. Thank God that my father has left.

Anyway, doing fine now. In fact I am even preparing myself for normal delivery after the regular contraction scare I had yesterday.

37 weeks, 5 days. (officiallly according to the dating scan, 38 weeks finished and 39th week started today)

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