Last straw

Really? last straws have never been the last for me. I always bounce back. Hope I learn my lesson this time, if haven’t learnt yet.  There are few of them around this time.  

Calmed down

We had a nice talk yesterday with friends. It was about being used, it was about families and problems. It gave me an insight into the other side in one issue. I will try my best next time. In another issue, it just dawned on me that how we have been so used repeatedly by one person (not present yesterday) and this particular person has established that we are so idiots that we can be used anytime and we do not need to be told even that what kind of use and how we are going to be used until the use actually happens.  Balan was hurt. I was angry. (we did realise when the use(s) happened but didn’t realise the full game plan and its repeated occurrence until this morning)

It is not personal. It is never personal. No one does what he/she does just to me/us, it is just the way they are; they do the same thing to everyone. It is not personal.

Difficult people -1

My most favourite kind of difficult people is

I am a very nice person. I am (should be) liked by everyone.


(any guess on what kind of DP I belong to? no prize for saying “not the above category”. That would be stating the obvious. :))  Little clue: I have symptoms of more than one type. another clue: I do not have all the symptoms of any one particular type.)

One hour photo

Smiling moments are captured and preserved for future references. Referring it later or by others at anytime, disguises the non-smiling moments, more importantly the crying/unhappy/angry moments. Someone working at the one hour photoshop counter must be thinking that how happy their life is when he/she looks at your/our photos.

This was the concept of the movie “One hour photo”, as told by the voice in the begining of the movie. (Similar to the concept, the movie also cheats us and turns out to be a different kind of movie.)

Blog is smiliar to a “One Hour Photo shop” counter. Even if at any time any author tried to express their real feelings, we only receive strong objections that we are forced to show only the smiling moments. Fake smiles are accepted here, but not the real tears/angers.  Disguised ids serve better there, I agree, the-visitor, I agree.

I am not a feminist

I am NOT.

I wish I had never entered this blogworld. If only I could turn the clock back, I would not want to know anything about this bogging thingy at all.

Happy with As and Cs. I should give myself some credit too. That is going great, isn’t it? It is.

I should know how to steer now, and importantly, I need to know how to steer myself towards the direction I like. More importantly, I need to know how to turn a blind eye towards the direction I dislike/despair.

I can’t be bothered

If people are incapable of differentiating between what to take in and what to be laughed at, not to mention their incapablity to figure out who is at loss here!

Can’t be bothered to do anything more than this post.