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It has been a satisfying day

Avni went to sleep without any tears and tantrums.
Kitchen is cleaned well.
I got time to blog. well, first of all got time to touch my laptop!
Could do my five min three times a day exercise, three times a day again.
I wasn’t running around like a headless chicken. mainly because there was no huge cooking today. only rice and rasam, which was also finished by 3pm.
Went out too, though to see the dentist, i got out of the house. such a break from cooking cleaning and nasty remarks. I tried to make the situation little more normal by starting a light conversation which also turned into son son son son son son son f****** son.. So, I thought I guess normal conversation is like pushing my luck for me. I should be contended with no nasty remarks.
Watching Law&order right now.

Overall, it has been a satisfying day.

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I am not going to rant

I am not going to rant. that would give them some significance. they don’t deserve any.

one) family member. two) family member. three) this acquaintance. I am glad it is over with three. I wish I could get rid of one and two from my life for good, with immediate effect.

just another rant

he doesn’t do it to hurt me or to claim his egoistic victory over my submissive ignoring. he just doesn’t remember I exist. Well, he doesn’t remember anyone but him exists in this entire world. He is my brother. I cannot kill him. well, if you want to know what it is, he is watching football. And it is my Friday night. ūüė¶ If Balan had done this, i would have strangled him.


I am anticipating my stalker bully might strike at¬†anytime. Time to shut up. Does this mean I am giving in to my bully’s tactics?

How do you deal with your bully? Have you ever been bullied? Do you know, I mean can you identify bullying, if it was done to you?

I would like to know the best practise to deal with bullies so that I can teach my child too.

Thanks in advance.  

Comment for Ammani’s post

As my comment is too specific, and too long, and a total rant, I thought I should post it here rather than taking up ammani’s comment space.

my only problem with this C word is, practise anything you (you means the public) want, don’t tell me I (I means anyone) am bad if I don’t do it.

C word¬†or not (I mean, I do not know whether they imply it is the culture or not), majority of Indians, particularly females are driven by the “wanting to be good” factor. They try to achieve it by chinnak kodu (short line)¬†periya kodu (long line) method. Particularly these mothers (I can only talk from my current situation). All angelic mothers. All angelic women with perfect uterus who got knocked up (stealing the word from Random Vignettes) easily (they don’t tell the clomiphene they took from their raasi doctor), had perfect enjoyable pregnancy which they miss now apparently, delivered their child perfectly through natural method (with epidural assistance of course). Then comes the horror story of long labour again to reinforce their angelness that how sacrificing they were through such horrific situation.. all horror stories about the labour, midwives being bad, doctors being bad, NHS system being bad…… Oh, no, they don’t tell you that elective C sect was not available to them, do they? Would they have said NO to elective C sect if it was freely easily available to them in “phoren land” (UK and USA)? The NRI mothers who have given birth through natural process are apparently superior mothers than the elective C sect mothers in india (and che che, what kind of¬† mother who tries this in phoren land), as they are cheap mothers who choose “painless” method. again the same question, Would they have said NO to elective C sect if it was freely easily available to them in “phoren land”? OK, some might have said no, or might claim that they would have said no, but how many of them? wouldn’t the statistics for elective C sect and natural delivery be different if elective C sect was freely and easily available to them?

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