Difficult people -1

My most favourite kind of difficult people is

I am a very nice person. I am (should be) liked by everyone.


(any guess on what kind of DP I belong to? no prize for saying “not the above category”. That would be stating the obvious. :))  Little clue: I have symptoms of more than one type. another clue: I do not have all the symptoms of any one particular type.)

Current read

Current read – Dealing with difficult people!

 Guess what, I am one myself.

 Advantage of others being difficult is that they are easily predictable and manipulating them is easy. Disadvantage of me being difficult is that others can predict my reactions and I can be easily manipulated.

Failure moments

Was there any outcome I aimed in that (any) particular encounter? What did I achieve in that (any) particular encounter?

I was not wrong, I know. However, I have to admit that I failed there. A total failure with a total negative outcome however unintentional/unwanted aim (rather lack of any aim) it was.