What makes the tyger a tyger and the lamb a lamb?

The Mentalist, for me, has been an interesting TV series for a few different reasons. It’s main concept, or the clue for the moment, is that it is the same creator who created the Lamb, also created the tiger.

Before Kids (BK), I strongly believed that the nurture plays a major role than the nature as I have seen how different siblings can be. Probably their genetic make up also differed to some extent although they came from the same creators. Some of the characteristics I have seen that made the siblings so different from each other were how they were raised, what they were taught as values and what they were taught as superior/inferior things … blah blah blah… I started to reevaluate my opinion on this after having kids (AK), as the children showed so much of the passed-down-through-the-genes matters. Muffin and Timmy differ in their genetic make up too and that is so visible. Timmy takes after my family side and Muffin takes after her dad’s family side. But, now that my own sibling is here with me, my old opinion (that nurture overtakes the nature) has come back strong as I see him often. What we value are so different. What we believe in are so different. We sometime like the same things, one of which interestingly is “The Mentalist”! Then we start to differ in our opinion on which character is what and what is right and what is not and blah blah blah….

Coming back to the William Blake’s poem and to my question, what makes the tyger a tyger and the lamb a lamb? The values, I think. Where in the brain it gets stored is science. How it is made to get stored is nurture, imo. That brings my theory back that nurture can make a tiger or a lamb out of anyone. I have seen people who have shown absolutely no empathy for others. So self centered and cannot think about anyone but themselves. It is the morality engine that has made them who they are.  It is the nurture. So, that shifts the blame to the parent and parent and parent and so on. Does it stop? It doesn’t if the next generation is raised with the same values their parents raised, which made them who they are. It can be stopped by people who can take their head above the water and look. That is all we need for feminism too. Complicated and yet simple.