back with a news

It is not the withdrawal symptom that has brought me back to blogging. Surprisingly I didn’t have any withdrawal symptom for writing. I didn’t stop reading my regular blogs, which were just a few anyway, so, there was no any reason for withdrawal symptom.

I wanted to rant a few times. I managed to stop publishing those rants which are lying as drafts.  

Now to the news, I am pregnant, again! I am 13 weeks and 3 days today.  Just had the Nuchal Scan and things look fine so far. Waiting for the combined result for down syndrome and other things that could be identified using this combined nuchal scan and blood test.

I do not know whether it is the new software or the new machine in NHS for special nuchal scans or is it the baby, the scan picture shows a much more clearly defined baby than how Muffin was in her nuchal scan picture.

I may not post too many detail this time as the pregnancy is going pretty much similar as the last pregnancy, not to mention the almost same due date! (It was 22nd Jan for Muffin and it is 23rd Jan for this new baby).

I am going to India for a vacation. Mainly because I am even more immobile this time compared to last time and worse I have a toddler to handle as well. tummy is bigger than the huge tummy I had last time that the back pain is killing me already. I go exhausted and end up having aching back even for little movements within the house.  I am leaving to India in about a week. Will be back in November. I do not know whether I will update the blog while I am in India. There are internet cafes but I am not sure I want to be online too often.

See you all.