In vitro fertilisation – 1

Not always IVF means infertility is being treated. Not that infertility means lack of anything (well, technically it is, but, you know what I mean). Someone can read without glasses, someone can do with a little help from wearing them. That is all it is to me. 

I haven’t done a good research yet. I haven’t been to my doctor for my briefing yet. But I keep hearing some terms…. You are under medication for IVF, so you shouldn’t be eating/drinking this… kind of questions and/or, are you OK with donors etc, you know you will not be the biological parent, kind of questions….. Then I looked up, not exhaustively yet, but…

  1. Some might need hormone treatment (boosting?)
  2. Some might need to have to go for donors.

Then there is this another question that constantly comes up… what about adoption?

In my bachelor days I used to have so many theories, so many principles, so many ideals and so many so many.. One of them used to be “adoption” and “certainly not having a baby of my own”. The “adoption” was to “help the children in need” and the later one was out of my fear to see another one of me and I wasn’t prepared to deal with her/him.  I used to argue, wanting to have “own” baby is pure ego. 🙂

The reason why I have braved myself to go for my own rather than the adoption route is more to do with my fears surrounding the psychology of the adopted child than to do with wanting to have my own baby.  I still enquired about adoption procedures. It is a lengthy process. And the adoption route in UK adds more issues to the “psychology of the adopted child” issues. So I have given up. I thought of adopting from India too. Again I have given up.

Info file on me:

not pregnant yet.

no hormone treatments suggested for me, as the briefing or the tests relevant for this are not done yet.

no donors. Not suggested, as the briefing or the tests relevant for this are not done yet. But, my decision is not to go for donor (egg or sperm) if it comes to that.