Experienced moms always think that they know everything. and when you get stuck at one or two words they speak, that is it. it gives them the license to lecture at you. after hearing so many lectures i am still confused about some of the terminologies they use. here they are: play group, nursery, day care, day nursery, preschool, nursery school, nursery classes, reception years and the list goes on. All I have to know NOW is the “preschool” as I am not planning to leave her in the “day care”. I donot want to know NOW what primary school is, what secondary school is and defnitely do not want anything to do with colleges and universities yet. For Godshake, Muffin is not even two yet. And trust me, if anyone who needs to practice restrain from putting their children under pressure to do better in their studies, it would be me. And secondly, to the other mom, who insisted that though it is in the premises of a “school” it is “nursery”, where i am sending my daughter, nope, things have changed since you last sent your child to such systems. yes, from 3yrs old there is govt funding and hence it is popular to send the children to “preschool” after they are 3yrs old, but one can also send the kids to “preschool” from 2yrs old as long as one is willing to pay. But, just because we are paying it is NOT nursery. it IS preschool. I have found that out. but, thank you, what would i have learnt if it weren’t for you all.

That “nursery” is still confusing as it sometimes applies to the “day care” and sometimes to the “nursery classes/school”. Thank god, I know what a toddler group is, but which sometimes called as “playgroup” by some. some also refer the “preschool” as “playgrooup” sometimes.

Muffin is going to go to the “preschool” from January. 3 hrs a day. five days a week. only term times. Got admission into the schools I liked.

edited to add: none of these terms are to be confused with American terms. They have a separate list.