Moving closer, finally!

Great episode S5E8, Red sails in the sunset.

Got to watch other episodes just to re-evaluate my theory, otherwise, Dr. Linus Wagner still fits perfectly. Just a few flaws in this theory though.

  1. Lorelai was not there when PJ and Wagner shook hands. What else was she referring to?
  2. How did he escape prison so many times? once may be possible, but he sees to be coming out and happily going back in.
  3. He said that didn’t want to go to jail as that would put his programmes unfunded leaving the children in Africa not getting what they have been getting through him. Is that why he started going after Volker and the kinds, asking them to give back?

on the positive note for my theory, The fact that Wagner got caught too easily by PJ, it makes him even more perfect fit for RJ. Meaning, he is not really too powerful. He can be manipulated too, like how PJ did when he got him caught.

Tijuana is where Jared Renfrew was killed. The location has some significance. Jared Renfrew did not escape CBI to have fun. He went to meet RJ or an associate. The words on the wall and the picture should have been mirror-imaged to see the right pic. the smiley on the wall looks in its right orientation in the mirror. And, it was not written by Jared.

Some one should make a map of important locations (like the location of Lorelai’s sister’s cabin) and some major events. That might give clues to RJ’s movement.


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