Tyger tyger

not convinced that Patrick Jane himself is Red John, but there are clues pointing towards that a lot.  Similarly not entirely happy to accept that Walter Mashburn is Red John as it is not a greatly clever plot to make a rich bored guy a serial killer.


The guy in mask at the end of season 1 was not Red John in the same way as the guy who got killed in the shopping mall though claimed himself as Red John was not Red John.  The nasal voice by Red John is a distraction, proved by the shopping mall guy who swtiched between (his) normal voice and nasal voice to indicate himself as Red John.  A few questions need to be answered to make the fans believe PJ is RJ.

  1. who killed his wife and family? If PJ is RJ, did PJ kill his family?
    • a) The blind woman’s (Rosalind Harker) boy friend is not PJ
    • b) she has always denied that he is RJ
    • c) Also she verified that the guy who got killed by PJ is not her boy friend either
    • d) The boy friend guy was friend was friend of Sheriff Dumur Hardy
    • e) Dumar Hardy didn’t show any sign of recognition of PJ but did show some interesting signs before he died.

Got to watch the rest.   Anyone following me or The Mentalist?

Update after watching S4E13:

Jane is not RJ as there was a guy sitting at the other side when Jane was on the phone to Rosalind.

PS: like the name Rosa!


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