Feminism and TV serials

Apparently, there are many TV serials that are made from the Sherlock Holmes’ story. I do not know whether the creators of Dr House have openly accepted it but the Mentalist creators have. Both very intellectual kind, both very popular and both are in the top of my fav list.   But, the two differ distinctly in how they portray women. Dr Cuddy of Dr House is always ridiculed by the main character. Agreed that the main character Dr House is written as an a**###**&& by the creators themselves, but it also shows what is in the heads of the creators when they write some scenes. The Mentalist creators on the other hand have done a wonderful job of portraying women. Yes, we do have the pretty Grace Van Pelt who is considered by her boss less competent than the other agents in the team, but she is also the new recruit hence lacks experience. The team lead Teresa Lisbon, who is also one of the lead characters, is a woman. Over the time, she has even overtaken Patrick Jane. Susan Darcy’s portrayal is again admirable. Love the actress (Catherine Dent) who plays the role.


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