London underground and a pregnant woman

It is dangerous for a pregnant woman to travel in London underground tubes. Particularly during peak hours. Peak hours or not, nobody is willing to give up their seats for a pregnant woman. Fine. I didn’t want it unless I was feeling dizzy. You could have seen that that I was looking as if I was going to faint anytime, if you dared not to look away. I am not responsible for your guilt.

Some even tried to kick me away when I couldn’t move as I was holding my hands around my tummy to save it from being crushed when tributaries of getting-down-stream were all around me.

Do they think “mmm, she had sex, didn’t she? what sympathy is she looking for now? She should stand!”, when they see a pregnant woman?

I bow those women who use tube to commute to work when they are pregnant. I bow them even for working when they are pregnant!