Actions and consequences

A blogger/FB friend’s post drew my attention to “Chinmayi matter”, about which I do not know much yet, except that she said something and others said something etc etc, very similar to which very regularly and happily happens in Tamil blogs, that I know of.

Whatever it is, I like one thing about this is that the guy who thought he can say anything and him and his friends can have a laugh about it, will think again. A lesson to similar guys. I am pleased that the guy is behind the bars now. Actions should have  consequences. I am pleased it has started happening. If it is the celebrity power is what that has made this happen, good for the celebrity for having his power. Hope even a street girl’s voice will be given attention in the future.

On the other note, hope people who think it is ok to comment on other communities and call it their “opinion” get sent behind bars too. And people who call themselves superior get sent to behind bars too. Hope people who pass racist comments get sent behind bars too.


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