The whole point of outsourcing is to get things done sooner, or for cheaper.  In our case, to keep the stress level down instead of “cheaper” as cheaper would be “inhouse” work!

In many families the situation is a two parent situation for the peak hours (the evening routine and the morning routine are the peak hours), whereas we have always had one parent situation (I am not giving a “defense” statement. I am pointing out what everyone around us missed to see, which has often infuriated me when they compared). So, now we have hired someone to fill in for the second parent for the evening routine. Morning routine is still a single parent situation except for the weekends.

Ironing is outsourced or we do it ourselves sometimes as the cost of the clothe is cheaper than the cost of getting it ironed over the period of time.

We tried outsourcing the cleaning but we ended up doing a lot of it ourselves before and after the hired help’s work. So, we are doing it ourselves for now, although I still am looking for a suitable cleaner for our house.

Now that I am enjoying and have realised the benefits of outsourcing, it has made me wonder why others haven’t been doing it, especially those who have/had better earnings than us. It makes life a lot easier.


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