Episode two of series 1, UUVVU


In case you didn’t get the title, read the title of the link above!

Now, there is an article written by someone raised in a city – http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/oct/05/lucy-mangan-country-living

I have often thought that who would want to grow up in Erode, Karur kind of places (these are cities in Tamil Nadu). No offence to those who grew up in those place or who still live those place, I just don’t know anything about those places. But I know Kombai. I think the entire planet, except the Kombaites, has missed out on a huge level by not having the opportunity to grow up in Kombai!

Anyway, I browsed my old post back just to link here and that brought back my opinions on after school activities and proud parents of baby Olympics achievers. I am so glad we are not in contact with many Indian families we had in our social circle before, especially those whose kids are of similar age to Muffin who compare their children’s achievements and activities with Muffin. I am even more glad about not having contact with those who have two children whose youngest are of similar age to Muffin, who often compare their younger ones to our younger one  forgetting that our younger one is only two years old!

Here is something I can report: Muffin has moved on to stage two in swimming! Timmy has been asking for his swimming pool but we the mean parents have not been giving him swimming lessons yet but we do take him to watch his sister and other kids having fun in the pool.


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