Extremists and politics

The moment somethings looks beyond their comprehension, such as seeing some people stick to their principles, they call it “extremists”, or if someone launches a campaign for a cause, they care called “politically motivated”. Why is it not as simple as that that it may be just possible, just, that some people may truly have the strength and will to be able to stand unswayed? I was once called an “extremist” for being an atheist, I mean, for being “sure” that there IS NO god (apologies, God) in this world! The question was, how can I be sure never doubting or never giving in to praying etc.. My answer was, I wish I could doubt, I wish I could simply pray and believe that things will be taken care off now that I have prayed. I do wish. I just cannot make myself believe in things that are not etched in my brain by some strong etching agents.


I have too many questions about this article to put down in a list, nevertheless, one of which is “I’m not that kind of feminist” – sorry, I can’t fallow, what?


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  1. Jay
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 12:30:07

    The article does indicate social conditioning as per se. I made it a point not to get any typical boy related toys for the little one. No action figures and no guns for starters. Toys for any child (both girls & boys) are neutral or reversed on purpose. Like a train set for a girl or books for a boy. I’m bad like that. ;-p


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