I have become one of those bloggers who write mental post and delete it there or keep it in drafts (mental draft of course). Not because my life is “busy”, but because, ……. I don’t know the reason.

One of those posts that needs to be restored from the trash can is about “Fraandship”! I do not quite understand what a “friend”, especially a “best friend” means. There are ten kurals dedicated to “fraandship” by the good old man Thiruvalluvar, whom I have come to hate for a different reason. He has also dedicated another set of ten kurals to define what is a bad fraandship, meaning people whom we should immediately unfriend. Another set of ten kurals to “analyse (hence understand perhaps?) friendship” …. Just a few things  I picked up in a quick glance now when typing for this post.

Here is what he says about natpu – நட்பு – Friendship

  1. செயற்கரிய யாவுள நட்பின் அதுபோல்
    வினைக்கரிய யாவுள காப்பு. – 
     Apparently, friendship is hard thing to acquire!
  2. நிறைநீர நீரவர் கேண்மை பிறைமதிப்
    பின்னீர பேதையார் நட்பு. –
    Friendship with great people will grow and friendship with not so great people will fade away!

………..ok. you get the grip. He goes on and on about it. The kurals that have stayed in my memory, rather I believed in and tried to follow far too literally are the ones below:

  1. நகுதற் பொருட்டன்று நட்டல் மிகுதிக்கண்
    மேற்செனறு இடித்தற் பொருட்டு.
  2. முகநக நட்பது நட்பன்று நெஞ்சத்து
    அகநக நட்பது நட்பு.
  3. உடுக்கை இழந்தவன் கைபோல ஆங்கே
    இடுக்கண் களைவதாம் நட்பு.

And I have also followed that if they do not make space for me in their life, I tend to fade away from their life. I am sure there is some kural somewhere for this too.

Now, to the point of this post is to let someone know that, well, I am not sure they read my blog anymore, as they are very “busy” always even when we were having fraandhip. every phone call would start with, “I am very busy, very busy, very busy”… So, I am not sure they read my blog anymore, so, this post is not really to let them know, but more to let my feelings said somewhere and where else I would go than my own blog? So here you go!

Although it is better this way that I am less hurt by you now that we don’t speak anymore, I miss talking to you. Our long phone conversations, gossips, armchair theories, and the knowledge sharing(?!) and all that! The dinner at the restaurant was the peak! It is a shame the down slip was far too steep from there!


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