thanneer thanneer

I remember the days when I went with my mother all over the place to fetch water for the family’s daily needs. Nothing sad I felt. I used to get excited when someone alerted us (everyday someone will alert the others in the street) if any of the nearby farmers had started their pumpsets to irrigate their crops and that was the time we run to their farms to steal some water and fill our water storage. Water storage in the house has been part of my growing up, part my culture-may not be the popularly known indian culture, but my culture from my area, from my family. It instilled some attitude towards life. My Aachi (grandma) used to say that you can tell a person’s attitude towards life from how he/she uses/wastes water.


Here is the latest episode of Satyamev Jayate on Water. What a beautiful way to compose music at the end!


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