As rightly pointed out by Mr.Stalin K. Padma (love the surname), if you have not faced (seen) castism, then you belong to the uppercaste! And not all the “lower” caste people are Bhangis. As rightly pointed out by Wilson, “Bhangi” is a job. and we should be ashamed that such a job still exists.

I have come across a very very few uppercaste people who do not practice castism. Rather, I have seen my share of people who practice castism. Even in England. How they practice differs. They may “touch” the “lower caste” people (and hence claim they do not practice “untouchability) but they will make sure they let him/her know their caste in only so many different ways. I feel like laughing when some uppercaste people play victims.

It is unfortunate that they are raising their children also with all their castism. Another generation, already drenched in castism.  😦


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