what is the fuss?

I posted something on FB and I thought it can be shown to a wider readership. I cannot post others comments, so I am posting just mine. Here we go.

women fuss over men. yuck! have some self respect woman! you are dragging yourself beneath lower and lower. yuck!

Feeling queasy actually 😦

It makes me feel queasy whenever I see a woman fall beneath in her own eyes when she forgets to respect herself but fusses over a man who doesn’t respect her enough to stop her from doing it, but accepts the advantages of fussing. Which is a disrespect towards the woman herself. So, she falls beneath and beneath and it is nauseating. Why a woman would chose to live a lower life like that?


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  1. devakumari
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 21:04:16

    Fuss- A display of unnecessary or excessive excitement, activity, or interest.or Show unnecessary or excessive concern about something.

    Yes some of the women fuss over men..They brought like that from childhood..before they realized to think about the self respect and all..the men dominate over them and make that as routine..It is not fuss all the time..may be “Survival of fittest.”or may be a acting and it is become habitual..

    I accept 100% your words..The women need self respect.But if they have the full economic freedom they may think over it.
    I read your previous post..women is serving men while the other one watches the foot ball match..yes this is also happening in all the houses( Indian)

    The earning men has the mentality that..I am earning and i am taking care of her..
    But there is no economic value for all the household works the girl is doing including the child care.and the girl her self assumed that, i am sitting in the house i need to serve him..i need to fuss him may be…

    and i have some more in mind..
    Why all the married women carrying their husbands name..next to their name?
    Why the father name should be the initial..Why not mother name..?
    Ok at least the person who is responsible for your birth let his name be the surname.

    But Why the girls changing her name after marriage..Previously his property..now his property..that sense right..?


    • thenormalself
      Jun 14, 2012 @ 05:59:15

      one does not need to depend on someone else (husband) financially and “look after him” (which is what I term “fuss”). it is lack of self respect and lack of self esteem. get out and get some work. any work. bring food to the table and then it will make the women financially free. living on someone else’s earning is parasitic relationship. the price such women pay for the advantages of parasitic relationship is losing their self respect. Simple.

      I do not believe in blaming the society for not being able to go out and earn something for themselves so that they can retain some respect for themselves.


  2. devakumari
    Jun 16, 2012 @ 13:52:50

    I accept…


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