tamilum thamizum

I am not going to write a big post on this. I could. I am just restraining myself (well,  I am trying. I am trying very much as I type this).

1. why people say உளுத்தம் பருப்பு? as if it is some உளுத்துப்போன பருப்பு? when உளுந்து is உளுந்து why not its பருப்பு is உளுந்தம் பருப்பு? btw we in Kombai, (when I lived in Kombai, as I cannot guarantee the world is still the same, as I noticed quite a lot of not-so-Kombai-like when I last visited the place), we call உளுந்தம் பருப்பு as உளுந்தம் பருப்பு only!

2.தாத்தா is not tata. tata is டாட்டா.  Similarly, Dadi is not தாடி or தடி. It is just dadi as in daddy.

3.பன்னாங்குழி is the right one. It is not a கிராமத்து version of பல்லாங்குழி while, it is the other way around that பல்லாங்குழி is a modified or a crude version of பன்னாங்குழி. பன்னாங்குழி means 14 (fourteen/பதினாலு) குழி.

I must stop, or I might end up writing a book on it.


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