T/P training called off

on Day 10! Avni is not doing it in the potty or in the toilet. She likes the idea of sitting on the toilet, sits there for a good long time, when she feels the need to go, she comes off, comes to the lounge, and goes in her knickers or in pull up. May be she is not ready yet. So we have called it off for now. I suspect she will still take off the nappy after every wee and might tempt me to try the training again. Will see how it goes.


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  1. Aditis Album
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 23:36:43

    I’m not sure if I followed the right approach, but I started when my daughter was about 22 months old and went straight for the toilet seat. I was told by many online blogging mommies not to buy the potty chair, just because of the additional step of training from chair to seat. So peak winter, snowy days and we started to use the potty seat. It took a few weeks before she used the potty for poo, but wees she did after the first week. IT was helpful that she went to a bigger room in her nursery around the same time, where she saw many kids use the bathroom. We continued night time nappies for a while, but my suggestion is not to hurry it. I did let her wear fancy knickers – probably that was the trick. Stickers we bought and used them all on the same day as you had feared. No other treats, and plenty of hand clapping and ‘well done’ and ‘good girl’ was all I did. We have a WC downstairs, that was another major help.


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