Toilet/Potty training – Day 1

Avni has been showing signs of her being ready to be potty trained. a) she has been uncomfortable after poo and after full nappy. She would clearly ask me to change her nappy. b) takes off the nappy herself after poo or after full nappy.   c) sits in a corner to do the job.  She has been showing some of the signs for quite sometime but I wanted to wait for the summer holidays so that we all will have relaxed morning, that is, no hurry to follow the morning routines to go out.  So, her summer holidays started yesterday, and we started the potty/toilet training straight away. I couldn’t postpone any longer as she has been taking off her nappy too many times in the past few days. With another infant to feed and take care of, I am not fond of cleaning the mess and handling the crises. So, we started it yesterday.

Had bought pull ups.  a potty ready. a toilet seat ready. I have kept a changing matt, nappy wipes, nappy sack, and few pull ups by the toilet where I have put the toilet seat. I have kept the toilet seat always on and I take it off seat when I have to use it. Potty is kept in the lounge and again a matt, nappy wipes, nappy sacks and some pull ups ready by the potty.

I first had both potty and toilet in the bathroom and asked her to sit on either. She chose toilet seat. She tried both first but showed more interest in toilet seat. So I let her try that more but still kept the potty in the lounge  in case she would like to try that as well.

I am not interested in giving her treats, but might give in depending on how it progresses. I should have got some stars and stickers but was worried that she might not understand the concept of getting one sticker (only) after doing something, but finish everything in the morning of the first day itself.  I would like to introduce the stickers and stars, may be from fourth day (as two days have passed and i do not have any sticker for tomorrow, the third day, so I have to do it from the fourth day).

Ok, so on first day the first thing i observed was that Avni’s weeing interval is 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours, which is very good. next observation, though suspected, is, the pull up does not hold more than one wee (accident!). So, I have started asking her to try the potty after every two hours. she showed no interest. So, I kept on checking her pull ups and changing it  after every wee. Then after a few changes, I started taking her to the bathroom and asked her to try the toilet seat. She showed some interest. Then once she herself took off the pull up, climbed up the stepping stool, sat on the toilet seat, sat there for just a few seconds, came down and asked for the pull up, and weed (please read this thread if you are interested in finding out the “correct” past tense for weeing. But don’t hit me (even virtually) for making your read (this post) as stinky as possible)  in the pull up! I thought that was a great progress! But other times she would pee in her pull up, then I had to take her for nappy change. She will take off her pull up, sit on the blue chair (Blue toilet seat) and then on the yellow chair (yellow stepping stool) and will get another pull up and come downstairs to play. Sometimes it is a struggle to take her to nappy change by breaking her play. sometimes she comes on her own. she lies down on the changing matt willingly more now.

and the training continues with a hope to finish this training in a week or two! I welcome all sorts of tips, except the ones asking me to let the toddler go nappy free. I am not fond of cleaning the mess even on a wipeclean floor. mine is carpet to make things worse. Pull ups are available only for this purpose. ok, tips please.


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