Four months old – 2

From Aaron at 4 months

Aaron at four months. He is a very happy and content boy most times. He can get very clingy when he is not well.  He shows no interests in rolling over.  Very fascinatedly  follows his sister. I can finally see that some characters you just inherit. Poor boy has inherited the anger genes! Not my fault, not my fault as after all it is not my own but I inherited it from my father. Blame him, not me. Well, we can blame my brother too, as Aaron looks more and more like him.

I go out a lot. Someone even commented at the moms of this generation that we go out far too much!  I agree. But, I can see the good it is doing. I am very active this time and have moved on from being a mom to a small baby to dealing with life. I do have my ups and downs, but I blame it on the hormones and deal with it.

We have been to a restaurant for dinner with both the kids. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t bad at all.


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